110423 b1a4 debut ♡

110814 the date i officially became a bana / gongchan's first birthday as a member of B1A4

141011 the first time i saw bipo in person. middle section of pit and i also got hi-touch with all the members. i interlocked hands with gongchan (he initiated it first i still cry about this honestly)

150807 i made bana friends for the first time in 4 years because i decided to do sync streams and we all became good friends and now i have a buncha lovely bana friends whom i love a lot with all my heart bana tlist is the best

150902 received my bana 3rd package which i paid for like 2 days before. finally am an official bana after 4 years of wanting this !!

150914 received my first signed album (sweet girl) thanks to misorena !!

1702014 met camila, serena, megan, laura, and sophie for the first time in new york. this was also the day i saw b1a4 for the first time in over two years and also the first time i've ever seen them so close...at jfk. they all walked right in front of me and looked into my eyes and i said hello to them all i love them so much

170214 met more bana tlist friends !! four nights in us concert in ny. i cried the whole time and at the very end, gongchan noticed my efforts in making a heart to him and returned my love twicefold by making two hearts back at me. i told him that i loved him during hitouch and he told me he loved me too.

170218 met becca, kiana, mari, sheena, val, and jada. also, saw b1a4 again at the airport. gongchan rejected me this day lmao (i tried to give him gifts but he just gave a thumbs up back hsklfj) i literally collapsed on the floor crying right afterwards whe l p

170219 four nights in us concert in sf. the first time i've ever been up against the railings at a concert. all of the members gave me lots of fanservice, but of course, the one that was the most and meant the most was gongchan's. first, he looked over at my direction during the ending ment and smiled, which is when i knew that he had read my fansign. he grapple hooked me like roadhog and then he proceeded to laugh and smile and point at me so that everyone else noticed too, then he walked over to my area early and stood there, glowing in front of me. then, during the good timing encore, as gongchan was walking over to my side, he had grapple hooked me for a second time and even made the biggest hug motion that i could feel from all the way front of him. at hi-touch as we interlocked fingers, after i had told him that i loved him, he softly whispered back "grapple hook" hlskdfj i love him so much

170423 after a lovely outing spent with bana friends (laurel, sheena, and mari), we all stayed up together monitoring b1a4's fanmeeting for their 6th anniversary ! it was lots and lots of fun and there was so much bana love not only in the room where we were all at, but all around the world <3

170501 received my bana 4기 package as well as my seasons greetings a day early from becca ! i held a little instagram livestream and streamed me opening up the package and it was lotsa fun !! when it got to me opening up the seasons greetings, i had known (bc becca told me hehe) that there was a signature somewehere and it was in the postcards !!! i was flipping thru all of them really casually when i saw gongchan's and i literally. just Stopped and then got really emotional hslkdjf i couldn't let myself cry on the stream but the moment i ended it, i sobbed so hard ;; i'm so grateful and also really happy that i got my package together w becca bc she made the process really easy for me and is forever helpful <3 <3

170502 in order to makae myself practice korean, i decided to make my first post into the bipo fancafe !! i posted abt the signed photocard all in (very simple hlskdj) korean and i got a good response from a couple banas ;; banas are really sweet and i'm really touched ;;

170519 baro replied to a comment i left on the vapp fanboard and wrote !! out !! my !! name !! that day made me love him even more than i already do and i have confidence that one day i'll see him and all of the boys in california again <3

171008 jamie went to bipo's fansign and asked shinwoo if he had remembered the art book a couple talented banas and i made together and he did !! and told her to tell us that he loves us ;; i'm so happy ...

180401 this morning i had woken up on the wrong side of the bed because 1) i was sick and 2) i was upset that i had missed channie's april fools for the first time (he made a fanacc for himself which is very cute haha) . but i still followed the account even though he wasn't tweeting anymore and suddenly minutes after (around 6amkst T---T puppy why were u awake so early after going to bed so late !!) , i had !! recieved a follow request from gongchanfriend (his acct haha) . i was so surprised because 1) i thought he wasn't following anyone anymore 2) im on private so i wasn't expecting anything at all ? but it really... brightened up my day . he followed not only me but so many other friends on bana tlist and it was such a fun time pretending he was a part of us (i mean though he always is haha)and making jokes. i hadn't been on my wment acct in months but coming back just for fun and being ? followed by my ult of 7 years is something that blows me mind even now and probably will always blow my mind... but he made me happy as he always does in his little ways and somehow manages to turn all the negatives in to positives just by existing and im so thankful for that (and him) .

nov 12 2016 ∞
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