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f r e y a ✿ ° *゚ ➻ (kayla, kale, frey etc.)

  • 18 years old (i know what i need to know)
  • virgo + infp-t + ravenclaw
  • cis panrom
  • college sophomore studying microbiology w/ pre-med route ✧*
  • filipina american
  • kpop/hip hop dancer + artist

heya i'm freya/kayla, and i hardly ever tweet anymore but this is me! i'm generally very easygoing and tweet dumb things that come to mind. i tend to type before i think (if i don't typo before that) so if i say something dumb or offensive, please call me out on it! i try my best to be as amicable online and conscientious of my actions, but i do slip up once in a while. i'm also really bad at responding to messages, so if i don't respond, it's just me being forgetful/negligent/etc., not on you!!

dfi you don't enjoy (constant and borderline annoying) kpop, videogames, sjw/ce tweets. don't bother if you're racist/homophobic/transphobic/etc.; i'll block you

i typically tag all my possibly triggering tweets; if you want something specific tagged, please message me!

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concerts // boy biases // girl biases // dance crew

jun 7 2017 ∞
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