• doesn't like doing aegyo
  • embarrassed when talking about himself
    • states that it's because he's shy when he talks about himself, because it's like people are finding out his inner thoughts
  • blunt / speaks his mind
    • voted as the member who would act the coldest to his girlfriend because he's blunt
    • picked as the type who would outright say "i'm tired" and not go out with friends if he doesn't want to go
  • voted as the member who is the most forgetful
    • "First off, Kai loses things all the time. I think he loses at least one thing a day. Whenever he gets in the car, he asks, 'Where's my cell? Did you see my wallet?' He asks things like this everyday. He loses things all the time."
    • " I tend to forget things easily. If I borrow money I would go to the ATM and take out my money, but because of my hectic schedule I rarely have time to do that."
  • voted as the member who sleeps the most
  • voted as the member who eats the most: once he & a friend ate a meal that was meant for 17 people
  • most relaxed when with family
    • would spend a one-month vacation with his parents at the beach
  • scared easily by loud noises
  • cannot live without: mp3/music, headphones, bracelets from his parents
    • has a lucky bracelet given by his parents: rubs it for good luck whenever he's nervous
  • 130706 happy camp rankings
    • ranked himself as 9th most childish in EXO
    • ranked himself as 3rd least popular among girls in EXO
    • ranked himself as 11th most cowardly in EXO
  • wants to be like spiderman
  • if he was an animal, he'd be a jaguar
    • "I think (jaguars) are similar to me in this because I live pretty leisurely but when I dance, I focus on it more than everyone else."
  • voted as the member exo members wouldn't lend money to
  • doesn't save exo member's phone numbers in his phone
    • "Kai never saves numbers on his phone. Everytime I call him, he goes 'Who is this?!'"


  • started dancing when he was 9 years old
    • " The time I first started dancing was around September in 2nd grade. I started with jazz, and then took ballet until I was in 6th grade. I wanted to dance other types of dance too, because when I watched TV, I saw other various singers doing fun styles of dance. I kept asking my dad where I could learn how to dance like that because I wanted to dance like that too. "
  • casted by SM at age 12 (2006/6th grade)
  • learned ballet in 4th grade after watching the nutcracker
  • went to taekwondo and piano lessons when young, didn't like them
  • became a singer through watching shinhwa's performances
  • "Perfection. That all I can say. Having various dance background is really an advantage for him. Smart and creative, he also creates the dance step in his own teasers. Full of improvisation, powerful and expressions. He once said that he didn’t want to sing, just do the dance instead. He has desire to learn break dance, hip-hop and many western dances as well in the future." - Shim Jaewon
  • if he wasn't an idol, he'd be a ballerino or a football player
  • spent most of his trainee days just practicing, even during the holidays
  • ranked #3 in super idol chart's "dance king" poll



  • likes his stage name bc it's the same as beyblade's 火渡カイ
  • thinks he is similar to 서태웅/流川楓/rukawa kaede from Slam Dunk
  • initially opposed his 'sexy role' but has accepted it
  • rank no1 in exo-k's charisma
  • MAMA MV face painting took 4 hours
  • jealous of tao's time control




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