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  • Graduated from high school with an IB Diploma.
  • Got accepted to all the colleges I applied to. Granted, I applied only to three.
  • Took a risk at Anna's 2011 New Year's party, though it required some coaxing and liquid courage.
    • A milestone. Marked the beginning of some pretty big changes.
  • Came out of my shell, for the most part.
    • It's what got me hired at Starbucks on the spot!
    • Confidence really is attractive and others can sense it.
  • Got promoted after just six months at Starbucks.
  • Ability to get along with just about everyone and make meaningful friendships.
    • I'm not catty or petty like most girls.
  • I have experienced great love. I am barely twenty years old. Some people go their entire lives without ever truly loving or being loved. (2011)
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