metaphysical lilies she summer overcast beautiful silver reach around ophelia breath veil film yesterday blue moon ancestor we're the new pompeii waltz moan lava entangled fate's strings undo

asphyxiate tryptich coalesce masquerade husk vulpine smile serpent grindstone arthur's stone chassis originator creator architect split skull partition pilgrim sever put asunder jointless snapcrack unccomplicate

introspective disco new moon well-wishes sure, let freedom reign don't you just need to drink some water? dust from a battlefield

They told me to show and not to speak. I'm holding out my hands.

Straighten the line to go where the stories spill into your drink and feet are planted to the ground.

We must protect the earth against invaders Should the guns you bought for the occasion Hide in your fortress, spit fire into the ever glowing sky Look to your right, recognition grows on your left is your friend from third grade who are you fighting?

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