• Brain Pickings the most thoughtful articles you'll ever read, lots of learning
  • Memrise as someone who has a lot of trouble with memory, this is a pretty website that can help with that
  • Thinking Sideways Podcast all the mysteries of the world in one place - picked apart and analyzed. Very cool
  • Welcome to Nightvale classic podcast, zany interesting plotlines, and "now the weather" awesome music
  • Lifehacker does it actually help out with your life-skills? I dunno, but there's some cool articles and stuff haha
  • Ambient Mixer want to feel like your in a Hogwarts Common Room, a lake in minnesota? This lets you mix sounds for sleeping or studying, super relaxing
  • OneLook Reverse Dictionary possibly one of the most useful "synonym generators" i've ever found. so helpful for papers, man.
  • Paranatural one of the funniest comics i have ever read, hands down. Ever single panel is gold - it's that good.
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