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A place to organise a list of all the fics I've read of EXO and other K-Pop group fics. ★

❤ is my absolute favourites.

Seokie la follows:

One Shot (PG-13)

  • Brotherly Love Baby Sehun is crying and Kyungsoo and his husband Kai have no idea why. family!au, baby!Sehun, baby!Luhan
  • Crawl Home Jongin and Kyungsoo have been together for a long time, and when Kyungsoo feels too burdened by Jongin’s problem he flees. kid!Minseok, kid!Luhan, angst, fluff
  • Early Present Kim Youngmi's Christmas present might've come earlier than expect and was troublesome for her daddies, but it's nice nonetheless. mpreg!Kyungsoo, angst, fluff, domestic!au
  • Flowers And Ink A cute tattoo artist sets up shop next to Jongin's flower shop. Who knew Jongin had a slight thing for cute boys with tattoos? tattoo artist!Kyungsoo, florist!Jongin, fluff
  • It's Fine By Me (If You Never Leave) Use your baby to pick up girls, Chanyeol said. It'll be great, Chanyeol said. single dad!Jongin
  • Oh How the Tables Have Turned Jongin knew they'd used protection; vividly remembers Kyungsoo putting it on (or ...__mpreg, humour__
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  • Baby, Don't Cry There is a legend of a mermaid who turned into seafoam because she was betrayed by the human she loved. Just like every other child, Baekhyun has the story committed to memory. Unlike everyone else, Baekhyun falls in love with a merman. merman!Kris, merpeople!au
  • Harder Than You Know Baekhyun could never be bold enough to say ‘I love you’. non-idol!au
  • Sweeter Than Sugar Where Lu Han still owed Yifan a few cups of sugar, and Baekhyun doesn't like her. hybrid!au, fem!Luhan
  • Times Are Changing Something’s amiss and only Kris and Baekhyun seem to notice. canon compliant, maknae!Kris
  • Unearthed In order to move towards the future, Baekhyun must bury the past. (Side pairing: krisho). domestic!au, minor character death, mentions of mpreg


  • Ethereality The noble 10th prince Wang Eun finds him...__Wangeun from Moon Lovers, Hoojun from So ...__
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  • (Family Bonding Laughter And Contentment... Saturday morning in the Kim-Oh household and family bonding. domestic!au, baby!Jongin, baby!Kyungsoo, kid!Baekhyun, kid!Chanyeol


  • A Day At The Funfair Little Kyungsoo finds a lost kid at the funfair one day, and tries his best to help him find his mommy. kid!Kyungsoo, kid!Sehun, fluff
  • If I Didn't Know Better... A shy Sehun, who'd rather be alone among library books, encounters a friendly, but insecure Kyungsoo at his new high school. Kyungsoo’s secret bonds the two boys more than they could have ever expected. highschool!au
  • I'm Not A Catboy, I'm A Catman Kyungsoo's catboy Sehun is impatient for his birthday present, but Kyungsoo's too busy getting ready for Sehun's birthday party to pay attention to him. catboy!au, hybrid!au, fluff, catboy!Sehun
  • No Exchanges Or Refunds Sehun wants to play a game called, 'Let'...__humour__
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dec 5 2016 +


  • (Fight Or Flight But Please Don't Leave ... Junmyeon isn’t the kind of alpha that bosses others around. It’s one of the reasons why they get along so well. (Side pairing: xiuhan). bottom!Suho, alpha!Baekhyun, alpha!Suho


  • Trial And Error Baekhyun just wants to find his place in a pack that's falling apart. (xiuhunhan, kairis, chanho). abo!au, wolf!au, alpha!Yixing, omega!Baekhyun, bottom!Baekhyun


  • [Advent] Day 17 Baekhee wants Yifan between her legs. fem!Baekhyun
  • Ask For It Wu Fan may be a lot taller than him, but he’s still easy to push up against the wall and yank down by the collar of his shirt so that Baekhyun only has to lean up a little to catch his lips in a fierce kiss. bottom!Kris, pwp
  • Baby, We'll Take It Real Slow Baekhyun wants to be on top. bottom!Kris
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  • Random-Chance Selection Lovecraft 708-53 has no chance for love. (Side pairing: Yixing/Various). abo!au, dystopia!au, beta!Yixing, alpha!Luhan


  • Hell Bound Baekhyun is faced with the most difficult task of exorcising his beloved and possessed foster brother, Sehun, a dangerous procedure which could result in Sehun's death. brothers!sebaek, supernatural!au
  • Love Me, Love Me (Say That You Love Me) Sehun’s in love with Baekhyun. This is bad. bottom!Sehun


  • (Is That Metal In Your Pants Or Are You ... Sehun's working at customs when daddy comes back from his business trip in China. bottom!Sehun, daddy kink
  • Your Words, Baby "Baby, if you want something just ask for it." bottom!Suho, daddy kink


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  • Paint Jongdae can be difficult but sometimes so can Baekhyun. Jongdae doesn't think it's fair and Baekhyun's being over protective. (Side pairing: krisyeol, kaisoo). mpreg!Jongdae, domestic!au, fluff
  • The Other Side Of Me It’s the best of both worlds for Kim Jongdae, or as the world knows him, Chen, teen popstar and part-time heartbreaker. Jongdae has just one tiny problem though: his best friend, Byun Baekhyun, high schooler and full-time #1 fan of Chen. Hannah Montana!au, fluff


  • (Don't Pretend I Think You Know I'm Damn... Baekhyun is sure Kris secretly likes him and it drives him crazy that Kris hasn’t confessed to him yet (but it’s not like he expects him to. Baekhyun likes girls, right? Right?) Baekhyun daringly bets his friends that he can make Kris confess to him by the end of the year. In his persuit he does a lot of things to attempt...__humour, cute__
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One Shot (PG-13)

  • BTS
    • Don't Touch Baozi Taehyung and Jungkook were innocently enjoying a cafe date when Taehyung accidentally touched their server's hand. Then, all of a sudden, a raging boy screaming something about "Baozis" and "You dare to touch!" came out of no where and dragged them off! Next thing they know, they're locked in an office with an apologetic looking waiter, a terrifying "deer" boy, and a 1000% done looking man named Kris. You know, just your casual Saturday events. Characters: V, Jungkook, Xiumin, Luhan, Kris (Pairing: xiuhan, vkook {V/Jungkook}). humour
aug 18 2015 ∞
nov 3 2016 +

One Shot (PG-13)

  • Blue Coffee Cups No one had warned Yifan that working at a bakery would be this problematic. romance, fluff, coffee shop!au
  • Ever Just As Strange Yixing finds himself in a house inhabited by talking objects, trying to coerce him into falling in love with Joonmyun Kim, their wealthy employer, in order to lift their curse. Things do not go according to their plans. Beauty and the Beast!parody, humour
  • Feeling Loved Baby Shixun wants to play but it's four in the morning. domestic!au, baby!Sehun, fluff
  • (Gladly) Stuck In Bed Yifan wakes up with numb limbs and a stiff back but he couldn’t have hoped for a better morning when he sees himself wrapped in his family’s embrace. baby!Sehun, domestic!au
  • (It's Too Early To Be) The Knight In Shi... Sunday morning dilemmas involving spiders and shaving cream. domestic!au, kid!Tao, kid!Minseok, kid!Luhan, kid!Jongdae
  • (Just You And Me) In Our Snow Globe Worl... Snow always managed to turn Yifan back into a five-year-old pup. fluff, hybrid!Kris
  • Pregnancy Envy Yifan knows he's being ridiculous, but h...__mpreg__
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  • Taoyeol Parenting Drabbles #1 It’s a lovely, crisp autumn morning when Chanyeol’s stirred by soft, warm kisses pressed to the back of his neck. It’s such a pleasant way to get up that he isn’t even concerned about the cold feet currently pushing themselves between his legs. fem!tao, kid!Jongin, kid!Kris
  • Taoyeol Parenting Drabbles #2 “Chanyeol—ngh—stop…” “Mm, why?” Chanyeol’s voice is deep, rumbling and sending vibrations through Zitao’s stomach from where the older male’s lips are attached—no doubt jolting the baby resting inside. His hands are resting on either side and lightly stroking over the skin. mpreg!Tao
  • Taoyeol Parenting Drabbles #3 “No.” “Baba!” “Zitao—” “I said no!” fem!Chanyeol, fem!Kyungsoo


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  • Score One Straight To My Heart Generally Jongdae is supportive of Baekhyun's attempts to top his own records of self-induced humiliation. (Side pairing: chenlay). fem!Minseok


  • Accidents Happen It was only a small car accident, but Minseon finds safety in the way Sehun worries about her. fem!Minseok, baby!Jongin, baby!Kyungsoo, family!au, domestic!au
  • [Advent] Day 12 Minseok just wants to know where he stands with Sehun. abo!au, omega!Minseok, alpha!Sehun
  • One Good Turn (Deserves Another) Sehun offers Minseok a place to stay, Minseok offers to help Sehun with her baby. fem!Sehun, domestic!au
  • Our Own Sound Even if there are little bumps in the road, Sehun thinks they're doing a pretty good job of being parents. fem!Minseok, baby!Jongin, baby!Kyungsoo, family!au, domestic!au
  • Shots And Doctors Sehun can only foresee disaster ahead as...__fem!Minseok, baby!Jongin, baby!Kyungsoo, ...__
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apr 13 2016 +


  • A Kinky ChanLu Series PWP - Petplay/Breathplay/Cock-worship (Sounding) (Mild D/S themes with praise kink throughout). bottom!Chanyeol, bottom!Luhan, pwp
  • On Screen Lu Han likes filming Chanyeol, and Chanyeol gets off on being filmed. bottom!Chanyeol


  • Ashes And Flames Kyungsoo is sent to investigate a rich philanthropist for the allegation of gunrunning. Park Chanyeol is an unexpected complication thrown into the fray. fem!Kyungsoo, fem!Chanyeol, spy!au, drama, action
  • Cheat Kyungsoo leaves home for a business trip. Member locked. bottom!Chanyeol, cheating
  • I Want You To Want Me Chanyeol has always thought he's going to be an alpha. His results say otherwise. (Sid pairing: various with Chanyeol). abo!au, alpha!Kyungsoo, omega!Chanyeol, learning self-acceptance, bottom!Chanyeol
  • I Want Your (Rude) Love It doesn't take much actually, to find happiness. But Chanyeol's got a lot thinki...__abo!au, bottom!Chanyeol, omega!Chanyeol, ...__
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  • Candid I'm supposed to tell a real life story. A relationship, love, reality, something like that. But like, you know, it needs to be believable. Messy even. hurt/comfort, model!Sehun, photographer!Tao, fashion industry!au
  • Come Home Sehun doesn't want to be claimed just because everyone expects him to be, not even if the most plausible candidate for his mate is Tao, who smells so delicious Sehun's constantly dizzy with it. bottom!Sehun, omega!Sehun, alpha!Tao, abo!au
  • Come Out Into The Sun Now, Love Zitao isn't anything like Lu Han. And that's exactly what Sehun needs. Sequel to (I Only Love It When You Touch Me Not Fe... author!Sehun, anxiety/panic attacks
  • Coming Of The Dawn He doesn't see Sehun as the blood whore type. vampire!au
  • Finally Found Sehun has been in love from day one. It takes Zitao a little longer than that to come around. Maybe a lot longer. Maybe a couple of years. canon compliant, bottom!Sehun, bottom!Tao
aug 18 2015 ∞
feb 7 2017 +


  • (That's How It Works That's How You Get ... Baekhyun is determined to make the student council lesbians only this year. Joonmyun really wants to be able to put student council vice president on her college resumes, but the problem is that she's not a lesbian. So, in order to get the position, she has to lie about her sexuality. The last thing she expects is to develop feelings for Baekhyun. Because she's not really a lesbian, right? fem!Baekhyun, fem!Suho, fem!Chanyeol, fem!Sehun, fem!Tao, fem!Kyungsoo


  • Do You Remember The End? When Baekhyun imagined the end of the world, he never thought he’d survive it. (Side pairing: chenho, xiuhan) apocalypse!au, gang!au, minor character death, mentions of torture, bottom!Baekhyun
  • Living The Fairytale In which Baekhyun wakes as an impossibly strong Sentinel, Yifan is a Guide who's ...__bottom!Kris, guide!Kris, sentinel!Baekhyu...__ ❤
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One Shot (PG-13)

  • Atlas The compasses are soulmate marks, appearing at birth and disappearing at death. This shouldn’t be as complex as it is--- they should just move in the presence of the person’s soulmate, but no. They come with quirks. (Yoongi has never liked the compasses. They’re on everyone, he knows, but they’re inconvenient and it’s annoying to have to sit through a ridiculously long make up session to cover it up every time they have a concert or interview. It takes longer than his facial makeup, which, really, that’s saying something. It doesn’t help that the damn thing is frozen pointing north.) (Pairing: yoonmin {Suga/Jimin}). soulmate!au, fluff, angst
  • Carousel The gallery taunts Namjoon, disorienting as it transforms into a labyrinth threatening to crush both him and the boy folded against him like a promise. Perhaps a miracle is their only solution at this poi..._(Characters: V, Rap Monster, Suga)._ Ib!au, dark!au, yandere!Yoongi
sep 8 2016 ∞
oct 18 2016 +


  • 2PM (0T7)
    • Old Memories And Young Hopes Chansung starts losing his memories so gradually he doesn't even realise it's happening. Characters: Chansung, OT7. mental illnesses
  • B1A4
    • You're So Stupid (In Love) Chansik first meets Dongwoo after listening to Sunwoo, his roommate, talk about him for weeks. (Pairing: shinro {CNU/Baro}). humour, pining
    • Be The One (And Only) In which Junghwan is a dedicated donsaeng and tries to get Jinyoung and Dongwoo together, Sunwoo makes snarky comments at the weirdest of times, and Chansik threatens to move out (more than once). (Pairing: shinyoung {CNU/Jinyoung}). humour
    • Dealing With The Villains, I'll Be Your ... Sunwoo likes to call it a call-center, where you order a hooker to help you out. In a way he is right, except the hookers are superheroes and the helping out is definitely not related to anything sexual. ..._(Pairing: shinyoung {CNU/Jinyoung})._ superhero!au
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One Shot (PG-13)

  • Across The Geography Yifan was an eight year old boy when he heard Do Kyungsoo’s voice for the first time. long-distance relationship, penpal!au
  • Blindsided Yifan may be the inspiration Kyungsoo needs to (seelovelive) write again. blind!Kyungsoo, minor character death,, age gap, age reversal, angst
  • High School Musical Yifan's the basketball chick. Kyungsoo's the new girl. Labels -- and high school -- are kind of ridiculous. HSM!au
  • Stray Heart Kyungsoo hadn’t ever considered getting a catboy, but fate is funny that way. age gap, catboy!au, hybrid!au
  • Stressed Kyungsoo learned very quickly Yifan loved the feeling of hands running over his exposed skin. Every touch made his skin crawl, causing him to press back into it, a soft, needy whine in his throat. It had been so long since they had time to do anything but sleep, that Kyungsoo couldn't even remember the last time he took the time to touch Yifan. age difference, older!Kyungsoo, younger!K...
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  • A Father’s Love Thirty-one-year-old Wu Yifan has everything he wants - a successful business and perfect married life with his partner, Lu Han and adopted 5-year-old daughter. However, one day, a 16-year-old son turned up in their doorstep, claiming to be Lu Han's son. How will Yifan handle things from thereon? domestic!au, teen!Sehun
  • Baby Steps “OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! SHIXUN WAIT! BABA NEEDS HIS CAMERA!” Luhan screamed at his baby. family!au, baby!Sehun
  • Like Music, You Are a Part Of Me Wu Yifan was practically born knowing the cello; it was no surprise to anyone, but himself, when he was offered a place at one of the most prestigious performing arts universities in the country, despite his disability. Luhan was the same, though not with a cello, his voice and later guitar; in his youth there were rarely times of silence. It had been harder for him...__uni!au, blind!Kris__
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One Shot (PG-13)

  • Baekhyun/Kai/Sehun
    • What About Me? He loves Jongin, he really does. He loves Jongin as much as he loves Baekhyun. Jongin makes him happy the way Baekhyun makes him happy. He was only afraid Baekhyun doesn't feel that way towards him anymore. fluff, angst
  • Baekhyun/Chanyeol/Chen/D.O/Kris
  • Chanyeol/Kris/Suho/Xiumin
    • We Can Be Your Hero Yifan is pregnant. The baby has four dads. abo!au, mpreg!Kris, omega!Kris, alpha!Chanyeol, alpha!Suho, alpha!Minseok
  • Chanyeol/Sehun/Xiumin
    • Om Nom, Nom? Minseok, Chanyeol, and Sehun adopt a baby. Sort of. vampire!au, baby!Kyungsoo, domestic!au
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dec 2 2016 +


  • Park "Pussy Smasher" Chanyeol Chanyeol thinks Jongdae is a bottom bitch. Jongdae (eventually) (begrudgingly) agrees. bottom!Chen
  • The Way To Love Jongdae, ever so patient Jongdae, watches him carefully, until Chanyeol gets on top of him. age gap, bottom!Chanyeol, praise kink


  • Acceptance Is The First Step Luhan sets out to buy the perfect hybrid and gets Sehun. bottom!Sehun, catboy!au, hybrid!au
  • Breathing You In (Suffocates Me) Sehun is seventeen when he first learns what love is, and how painful it can get when the person your heart yearns for is so close yet so far. royalty!au, bottom!Sehun, angst, implied suicide
  • (Darling, Don't Be Afraid I Have Loved Y... In which Sehun is irresponsible and things don't go as planned. mpreg!Sehun
  • Get On The Floor Jongin chokes on his sandwich when Luhan shows up at lunch with Sehun in tow. He hacks for a few moments, face turning a s...__bottom!Sehun__
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aug 24 2017 +


  • [Advent] Day 13 Minseon just wants to help Jongin relax. fem!Minseok
  • Concrescence Jungah has always known that she was going to marry the Obelus Group heir but she never actually thought she would fall in love with him. non-idol!au, fem!Jongin, domestic!au
  • Do You Mind (If I Take You Home Tonight)... it's the beginning of a typical romance - guy working at a coffee shop falling in love with one of his customers. But then it turns out there is something even weirder about Minseok than the fact that he likes Jongin. wolf!au, bottom!Jongin
  • Handy Helpers A slice of life featuring wingmen Sehun and Luhan bottom!Minseok, family!au, kid!Sehun, kid!Luhan
  • Invitations 24 various prompts. various aus
  • Moonlight It's been a year since Jongin and Minseok have been dating. Everything is wonderful in their weird relationship and Jongin couldn't be happier. That is, until thin..._Remix of Do You Mind (If I Take You Home Tonight)..._ (Side pairing: krishan, sebaek). abo!au, wolf!au, alpha!Minseok, omega!Jon...
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may 10 2016 +

One Shot (PG-13)

  • EXO in general
    • And The History Books Forgot About Us Lu Han has been spending the last two weeks following Minseok around with pitiful sad eyes and wobbly lips, hugging him from behind at the most random moments while whining, "Minseok, don't go! Baozi, don't go!!" post-EXO!au
    • And You Call Yourself a Man Everyone has an irrational fear of bugs. A cockroach turns up in the dorm. The rest is self-explanatory. crack
    • Beautiful Baby Boy Yixing thinks it's magic, Joonmyun considers a "Benjamin Button"-situation and Kris honestly doesn't care as long as they can figure out a solution to this problem. (Pairing: krisyeol). baby!Chanyeol, age regression
    • Bugging Out The members of EXO are generally incapable of dealing with certain things. crack, humour
    • Cap And Gown (Plus Some Crayon) A little ficlet imagining EXO as kindergartners getting photos taken in tiny caps...__kid!fic, cute__
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feb 27 2017 +

One Shot (PG-13)

  • 160214 Don't buy cheap ass umbrellas. Or do. (Pairing: mingsol {Vernon/THE8}). cute, Valentine's Day!au
  • Apology Minghao has an alpha complex. Junhui is an alpha. (Pairing: junhao {Jun/THE8}). abo!au, omega!Minghao, alpha!Junhui
  • Beautiful It’s been two months since Junghan asked Minghao to be his boyfriend. The younger, Chinese boy had said yes without even thinking about it at all. Though he hadn’t said anything, he had waited for the other to ask for a long time. Now he wanted to take another step in their relationship. He wanted to take the step that would be more than just holding hands. (Pairing: junhao {Jun/THE8}). fluff
  • Be My Baby (And I'll Look After You) Jun just wants everything to be perfect. He finds out that things don't have to be. (Pairing: junhao {Jun/THE8}). fluff, proposal
  • Bird's Nest Minghao is so precious, and kind, and perfect. He could have anyone, literally anyone, and Soonyoung doesn’t know if he’ll ever understand why it’s him Mingh..._(Pairing: soohao {Hoshi/THE8})._ fluff, canon compliant
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  • B.A.P
    • Sleep Well, Dream Sweet Yoo Youngjae is a lonely boy from Seoul. Tired of living his pointless life, he attempts suicide. To the relief of his best and only friend Choi Junhong aka Zelo, he survives. The only problem is... He's left in a coma and doctors don't know if he'll ever wake up. Jung Daehyun is a boy from Busan who wants nothing more than to find someone to love and cherish. He was always a flirty person who men and women alike fell head over heals for. That changed though, when Daehyun started to fall in love with a boy from his dreams. A boy named Yoo Youngjae. (Pairing: daejae {Daehyun/Youngjae}). angst, romance
  • GOT7
    • Strangers At Heart Let’s start with Mark Tuan, he was dumped by his boyfriend because he was too c..._(Pairing: markson {Mark/Jackson}, side pa..._ marriage, non-idol!au
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