• a brick fell on my head - had to have it glued back together
  • got my toes stuck on a boardwalk, in between the wooden panels. Ripped two toenails off
  • trapped both my feet in a door when I was a kid, one foot one week and the other the week after. Ripped both my little toenails off. See a pattern here ... ?
  • brother threw a stone at my face, it went inside my mouth (good aim!) and tore the inside of my cheek open. When we were kids!
  • fell up the stairs at Covent Garden tube station (hate lifts) and fractured some bones in both my feet
  • fell over at school, Year 8, on the way to the library in English class. Gave me tendonitis in both my feet ... poor feet!
  • slipped on ice and kicked a parked car on the way down. I've now got a terrible fear of walking on ice
  • a minor car accident. A car overtook my mum as she was pulling out of my drive onto the main road
aug 26 2010 ∞
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