James Street:

  • I lived right by my best friend, and we always had fun together. I don't remember her much, but I remember we were happy
  • the street was really narrow and the houses were really tall
  • we lived near the train station
  • the cupboard in the kitchen that span round
  • when my dad got rid of all the roses in the garden and showed me his bleeding hands. For a few years I thought roses could attack humans ...
  • I hated my bedroom and preferred to sleep in my parent's room
  • they had sliding bedroom doors that were really hard to open

Linden Road:

  • there were SO many kids living on that street, summertime was AMAZING!
  • there was always someone to play with
  • my best friend lived right down the road
  • I wasn't allowed to go to the corner shop on my own until I was about 12, which used to really annoy me as everyone else could go and I had to stay home
  • there was a park right at the end of the road (which was a dead end) so it was safe to play on the road as there weren't many cars
  • I wasn't allowed to go to the park much on my own or with friends
  • there was a house at the end of the street, near the park, that we were always told to stay away from. I still don't know why
  • the garden was HUGE, seriously huge
  • the kitchen was really long and had a really slippy floor
  • I remember marching up and down the kitchen with my dad, learning my times tables (it worked!)
  • my aunty & uncle & cousins lived in it before we did
  • my parents had a little walk-in wardrobe, which I wanted for myself
  • I hated the clear film (faux double glazing) we had on the windows upstairs. I used to make holes in it
  • I hated my wallpaper when I got to be about 12, it was white with tiny blue and white flowers on it
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