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I'm not talking about whole idea of listography, I'm focused only on design aspect.


  • you can add persons to your favourites without bothering them (you don't have to send them invitation etc.)
  • you can read other's persons lists without leaving a mark ;)
  • you can a little bit design your main page (background, colours of lists etc.)
  • you can choose option "alphabetize" which is very handy when you have 500 items on your list ;)

don't like:

  • there's no option "send a message" to contact people - the only way is trough comment section
  • no archive in private folder - if you want to put something in archive automatically it will be seen by other people
  • only one font size (too small)
  • not enough gradients of particulars colours
  • no option "favourite lists" - sometimes I like only one list from some persons listography
  • I can't check who subscribe my listography
jan 24 2011 ∞
may 26 2019 +
user picture andwuwei: regarding "I can't check who subscribe my listography" : if someone follows you "officially" (i.e. your username is listed under "thisperson follows:" in their profile), you can find them with this Google query (it searches for your username on listography site but eliminates the pages of your own profile page): littlewhitehouse site: -inurl:littlewhitehouse may 22 2019