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family - headache, you know, the usual - lots of clouds and singing birds - first sunday of the year: lunch at relatives house, slept during the afternoon, early dinner - looking for a job... again - i love music so much - finally getting into the book i'm reading - i think i got a job - it's a long story (jk i'm just a mess) - but tuesday i'll know for sure - fingers crossed - i bought strawberry soju, miso and ramen - i'm becoming my own personal chef (i love it) - i'm thrilled tbh - i feel like i'm growing up, and i'm not scared - i'm excited - sometimes everything feels like a dream - a mess - i'm still unemployed bro - but it's raining <3 - guess what... i'm still unemployed!!! clap clap clap - lol but it's okay - ....hello - i got a job!!!! - a internship - i start today 25/01 - hello i'm on my shift - kinda tired but fine - a lot of bananas and watermelon - been busy - but... idk - i'm never satisfied - depressive episodes - i honestly thought it was the end for me - sometimes things get so hard - and i can't stop my noxious thoughts - but i'm here


it's been 9 days already - been busy and tired - hello - i'm fine - been working, reading, sleeping, eating - hello - i mis writing - but my head seems empty - thinking about cutting my bangs - feeling lazy :/ - i fucking hate my fucking job - but life is... good i guess - it's gonna be alright - i'm a drama queen :/


oi - to bem! nesse momento - é uma montanha russa - ando trabalhando e lendo - tenho que me organizar - tirei 5 sisos - foi PÉSSIMO - fiquei com medo de morrer na cadeira do dentista - mas to viva né - a recuperação ta sendo chata - mas to refletindo sobre coisas que preciso refletir - minha cabeça can only take uma coisa de cada vez - a lot happened, but also not much - criei um instagram sobre veganismo - fiquei muito mal por um tempo, muito mesmo, mas agora to melhorando


viva - to meio merda, mas to ok -

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