• Twilight --> Pitch Perfect
    • I think that everyone is the hero of their own story, and I'm so glad that Anna Kendrick's didn't end with her pregnant by a vampire at age 19.
  • X-Files, Fifty Shades of Grey --> The Fall
    • How can anyone look at Jaime Dornan after this oeuvre and not feel their skin crawl??
  • An American President --> The West Wing
    • Jed Bartlett got promoted!
  • Animal House --> The West Wing
    • Otter continues on his natural trajectory of failing upward
  • Grease --> The West Wing
    • After one pregnancy scare too many, Rizzo decided to see if there was more to life than drag racing. So she went to medical school, then met a nice young man who, though kind of pedantic, was clearly going places and didn't leave pomade everywhere he went or carry a switchblade comb. But sometimes, after an endless day of watching Jed hold court on the campaign trail, and long after the other political wives had given themselves over to the peaceful sleep of the self-satisfied and dreams of fixed, wholesome smiles, she stole a moment away from the cameras, chain smoking out on the balcony under the light of indifferent stars, wondering what that girl who didn't lie would think of her now.
  • The Princess Bride --> House of Cards
    • There's only so long a headstrong farm girl can stand being a beautiful, cosseted pawn in everyone else's war games before she decides to quit being failqueen of the Bechdel Test - even in her own dreams - and grab some of that power for herself. (Note: have not actually watched House of Cards, but Buttercup looks badass with her haircut and power suit armor)
  • Twin Peaks --> the episode of Law and Order SVU guest starring Agent Cooper, whose philandering wrecks everybody's life
  • Hamilton --> Person of Interest
    • Aaron Burr gets reincarnated into Peter Collier, still a doomed revolutionary/freedom fighter/threat to national security (depending on who tells the story), but this time with the courage of his convictions!
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