• "I think sometimes the world makes it hard to see just how beautiful it really is."
  • "Just keep doing what you're doing and eventually something will stick. Like if you throw enough of your feces at a wall."
  • "Honestly, now that I've seen the world's largest and smallest books I don't feel the need to read anything, ever again. I've done the extremes."
  • On working at the DOJ: "I would only start to worry if you also walk by an ominous, padlocked Room 101 every day, and one of the forms you signed made you list your greatest fear."
  • on finding joy in unexpected places: "I guess when I look at grad school in retrospect I will definitely cherish all the time I had to sit around and forward wikipedia articles to you while hating cellulose, and think of that as happiness."
  • "I predict everyone will just get used to it and the real world will inch closer to imagined dystopias. (if we were texting, I would save this as a quick text)"
  • "I'm assuming you'd be around for at least some of the time I'd spend in purgatory."
  • "I guess the end result of most books is that the main characters do not prevent the heat-death of the universe through their actions. But they don't send Mr. Darcy to another galaxy 18 million years in the future to make him watch."
  • "it's been a rough year, you're allowed to use the same solzhenitsyn quote twice!"

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