1. companions of the night, vivian vande velde (1995)

  • set and published in the 90s, high school girl kerry nowicki is caught between the vengeance of vampires and vampire hunters.

2. the silver kiss, annette curtis klause (1990)

  • loneliness, guilt, and vampirism going hand-in-hand, "i want to be like them, she thought almost pleadingly as she stroked the crimson paint to feel the brush strokes, hoping maybe to absorb its warmth"

3. vampire academy, richelle mead (2007)

  • first read in 2013, a staple during our early teens. vampire academy buddy re-read with jam and eve.

4. down comes the night, allison saft (2021)

  • debut novel from author. on the surface it has everything i want in a book: bi rep, gothic fantasy, enemies to lovers. i just wish it had more depth.

5. six of crows by leigh bardugo (2015)

  • heist crew who loves risk as much as they love each other.

6. crooked kingdom, leigh bardugo (2016)

  • an exceptional sequel, better than the first, but still has the same love and ferocity that drives characters to fight till the end. the deal is the deal.

7. saving francesca, melina marchetta (2003)

  • first read at 14, its ripples continue to touch me at the age i am now.

8. this adventure ends, emma mills (2016)

  • lonely, reluctant teen romantically falls in love with all of her newfound friends.

9. the descent of alette, alice notley (1996)

  • a gift given to me by eve about man's ascension and in turn the descent of women

10. the winner's curse, marie rutkoski (2014)

  • reread in the midst of a exhausting week, a YA fantasy royalty and a timeless classic.

11. words in deep blue, cath crowley (2016)

  • my second time reading this book since the very first time back in 2016. my favorite genre of characters who are polar opposites yet gratitate towards each other as equals.

12. the bear and the nightingale, katherine arden (2017)

  • third time's the charm, it has aged well into becoming one of my all-time favorite books. i will never tire of the grief and love that drives its seasons.

13. the girl in the tower, katherine arden (2018)

  • i had forgotten how stressful it was to read the aftermath of the first book with vasya's fearlessness bordering on reckless.

14. the winter of the witch, katherine arden (2019)

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