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you don't wanna die tonight
take one more breath to clear your mind
every moment's relevant,
bittersweet, and delicate
tomorrow may not come again
tonight is all there is

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look at this whenever you feel down. this is a list of nice things people have said to/about you.

  • "how can i find someone like you in a place like this?"
  • "i find it amusing when you're pissed. you're cute."
  • "swerte bf / magiging bf mo kasi ma-effort ka."
  • "i'll talk to you when you wake up. should be early enough so that you're still awake at that time."
  • "be careful. i need you in this world."
  • "you know i'm always here for you to talk to about whatever is bothering you. since you're half a world away there's not much else i can do, i wish i could help in some way."
  • "as long as you got me you'll have someone to vent to."
  • "if you need to vent about anything at al...
sep 3 2016 ∞
mar 24 2017 +

my ethics prof taught us that every one of us has our own will when we die. i'm not rich enough to have a will and testament, but this would suffice.

  • one week wake
  • have me cremated
  • bury my books with me. if i bear children, leave it to them.
  • play my "when i'm dead" playlist during the wake
sep 4 2016 ∞
sep 4 2016 +
  • "pikit matang managinip / mahahanap mo ako sa isang malalim / na sulok / ng 'yong isip"Wari Ko'y, Sugarfree
  • "magka-ilaw man / madilim pa rin / kung wala ka"Kandila, Sugarfree
  • "wake up / the world seems bright out today / life goes on / and things they change / hands up if you've been / left bruised and broken / say, 'i'll be okay'" — I Hope This Comes Back To Haunt You, Neck Deep
  • "this one goes out to my closest friends / the ones who make me feel less alien / i do not think i would be here / if not for them" — Another Night On Mars, The Maine
  • "heaven above me / take my hand / shine until there's nothing left / but you" — Ashes of Eden, Breaking Benjamin
aug 29 2016 ∞
oct 20 2016 +
  • January
    • spent new years with fam
    • went to visit tatay at the cemetery
    • watched mmff films with chzardale
    • met up with clary before she left for baguio
    • went to pinto art museum with karen
    • antipolo's cityscape at night
    • watched la la land
    • listened to brand new
    • ordered a book (for the first time) from book depository
    • finished watching weightlifting fairy kim bok joo
    • college adventures with ciel, chris, and eie
    • watched la la land again
    • school's foundation week!
    • organized a giveaway with kelly
    • pewdiepie resident evil 7 gameplay
jan 22 2017 ∞
apr 18 2017 +
  • January
    • went to tagaytay with cj
    • got to order my until trilogy bundle
    • school's foundation week. always a blast.
    • got to read f*ck love by tarryn fisher. one of my favorite reads for this year.
  • February
    • deadpool. watched it twice.
    • got to visit los banos for up feb fair. it was a good night with friends. they stayed up with me all night because i didn't have any place to sleep.
    • went to the art fair ph with chzardale. also my first time meeting her.
    • hamilton won best musical album at the grammys.
  • March
aug 29 2016 ∞
dec 21 2016 +