• (sept 3 2014) see the musical Wicked
  • see another Cirque du Soleil performance
  • slow dance with a boy that I care about
  • ride (or even drive!) a motorcycle
  • (feb 19 2012) have at least 1 piercing on each of my ears
  • visit the wizarding world of harry potter
  • watch fireworks with a loved one in July at the Navy Pier in Chicago
  • (spring break 2014) go on a pleasure trip with some friends in college
  • attend the midnight premiere for an exciting movie
  • name one of my belongings 'Peppermint Butler'
  • learn the art of deduction
  • (jan 6 2012) see Sarah Kay and/or Phil Kaye perform live
  • watch MIKA perform live!
  • reread Invisible Cities while in Venice
  • visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater
  • have my work published somewhere
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