• feeling very motivated at the start of the month / the rainy days are here ~ / getting my break extended for a week / xy's lovely birthday treat / i love you i love you / walking around the campus, my new favorite exercise lol / sam's eighteenth birthday at vikings / love compels us to do good / the start of a new semester


  • trying out contacts for the first time lol / elina's 20th bday dinner / saw birbs for the first time this year. had yummy ice scramble! / meeting my batchmates on a night out loool / surprisingly enjoying my summer term because of the light workload / learning korean / nanay's 11th year death anniversary. been a while since the whole family gathered together / touring jj, reine and ry around the city before they go home XD / wooga in the soop my beloved / getting an upper lobe piercing / a very sweet and lovely month that i will remember for a long time /


  • my 2 week summer break / the start of my summer term / lunch date with chachi my beloved / heart is full from the day out with cha, elina, yang / teej's bday / my bd / weekend trip to sta. maria, laguna / meeting ky and other college friends on campus / weekend staycation in joy nostalg / lots of discerning for org elections / this playlist making me feel things


  • hope and grief / the end of a crazy semester


  • jbrekkie live at electric lady / fili panukalang papel craze / the company of my blockmates / video calls and catching up with friends during my holy week break / ahn hyoseop brainrot / org works: tms, bdl, hsn. dead / spending the last weekend in nueva ecija /


  • learning how to do study calls / having our sunday routine back / huwag itanong kung mahirap. itanong kung mahalaga ba / a very heartwarming call with ky abt college and life in general / an overall bad month for me /


  • the start of a new semester / my first ever field work ☆ / going to moa and visiting ikea. it was so crowded lol / stayc comeback / spending the long weekend in baguio/ drowning in org work /


  • coming back to manila / saehyun my happiness / baby a's birthday. i love how she can grasp the idea of a birthday / walking to a nearby kmart with tita / thrifting and buying surplus kitchenware / park hyungsik brainrot with xy / days with our beloved summer / finishing six dramas this month feeling very deranged / enjoyed my month long break <3
jan 2 2022 ∞
aug 14 2022 +