* . ·     ✫ ˚    . . ˚ ⊹  ... summer


    • i feel better, hot chip・trem leva minhas pernas, terno rei・mistério do planeta, novos baianos・nine out of ten, caetano veloso・killing me, ikon・october, jackson c. frank・the jetset life is gonna kill you, mcr・tap out, the strokes・like i need u, keshi


    • the sad song, fredo viola・you spin me round, dead or alive・ave lúcifer, os mutantes・irgendwie irgendwo irgendwann, nena・último romance, los hermanos・twit, hwasa・butterfly, loona・the blood that moves the body, a-ha・withorwithout, parcels


    • yes i'm changing, tame impala・losing touch, empathy test・promiscuous, nelly furtado・sentimental, los hermanos・katchup, dalsoobin・girls and boys, blur・how bizarre, omc・monster, lady gaga・try again, d.ear & jaehyun・soul rebel, bob marley・março, jonathan tadeu・regular, nct 127・california, fabien grey・hа заре, aльянс・radioactive, marina・voyage voyage, desireless

  * . ·     ✫ ˚    . . ˚ ⊹  ... autumn


    • affection, between friends・super heroes, ylhcsd・not gonna get us, t.a.t.u・limitless, nct 127・ivy, frank ocean・polish girl, neon indian・we go up, nct dream・be mine, infinite・
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