• saturation, brockhampton — 2017
    • gold, star, boys, fake, trip, bump, cash, milk, face, waste
  • a arte do barulho, marcelo d2 — 2008
    • a arte do barulho, desabafo/deixa eu dizer, pode acreditar, oquêcêqué?, atividade na laje, ela disse, kush, vem comigo que eu te levo pro céu
  • saturation ll, brockhampton — 2017
    • gummy, jello, swamp, scene, tokyo, jesus, chick, fight, sweet, gamba, summer
  • by the way (deluxe version), red hot chili peppers — 2002 ♡
    • by the way, universally speaking, this is the place, dosed, don't forget me, the zephyr song, can't stop, i could die for you, midnight, throw away your television, cabron, tear, on mercury, minor thing, warm tape, venice queen, runaway, bicycle song
  • nevermind, nirvana — 1991 ♡
    • smells like teen spirit, in bloom, come as you are, lithium, polly, territorial pissings, drain you, lounge act, stay away, on a plain, something in the way
  • in utero, nirvana — 1993
    • heart-shaped box, rape me, frances farmer will have her revenge on seattle, dumb, very ape, radio friendly unit shifter, all apologies
  • all-american trash, brockhampton — 2016
    • michigan, infatuation, mosscliff, contacts, palace, home, cotton hollow, poison, lost in love
  • turn on the bright lights, interpol — 2002
    • obstacle 1, nyc, say hello to the angels, hands away, obstacle 2, stella was a diver and she was always down, roland, the new
  • saturation III, brockhampton — 2017
    • boogie, zipper, johnny, stupid, bleach, alaska, hottie, sister/nation, stains, team

total: 9


  • on my one, jake bugg — 2016
    • on my one, gimme the love, love hope and misery, the love we're hoping for, put out the fire, never wanna dance, all that
  • hot pink, doja cat — 2019 ♡
    • won't bite, rules, bottom bitch, say so, talk dirty, addiction, streets, better than me, juicy
  • pearl, rubel — 2015
    • o velho e o mar, pearl, quando bate aquela saudade, ben

total: 3


  • miss anthropocene, grimes — 2020
    • so heavy i fell through the earth, violence, 4æm, new gods, my name is dark, you will miss me when i'm not around, before the fever, we appreciate power
  • этажи, mолчат дома — 2018 ♡
    • на дне, танцевать, волны, прогноз, судно (борис рижий), клетка
  • discovery, daft punk — 2001 ♡
    • one more time, aerodynamic, digital love, harder better faster stronger, nightvision, superheroes, something about us, voyager, veridis quo, face to face, too long
  • звезда по имени солнце, кино — 1989 ♡
    • песня без слов, звезда по имени солнце, невесёлая песня, пачка сигарет, стук, апрель
  • foolish loving spaces, blossoms — 2020
    • your girlfriend, my swimming brain, sunday was a friend of my, oh no!(i think i'm in love), my vacant days, like gravity
  • ventre, ventre — 2015
    • bailarina, quente, pernas, mulher, carnaval, fr, ali, aperto e um beijo
  • ritual, shaman — 2004
    • ancient winds, here i am, for tomorrow, time will come, over your head, fairy tale, ritual, pride
  • bleed american, jimmy eat world — 2001 ♡
    • bleed american, a praise chorus, the middle, your house, sweetness, hear you me, if you don't don't, get it faster, cautioners, the authority song, my sundown

total: 8


  • the new abnormal, the strokes — 2020 ♡♡♡
    • the adults are talking, selfless, brooklyn brigde to chorus, eternal summer, at the door, why are sunday's so depressing, not the same anymore, ode to the mets
  • jazzhound, the buttertones — 2020
    • phantom eyes, denial you win again, rise and shine, fade away gently, dirty apartment, bebop, blind passenger, velour, infinite tenderness, jazzhound
  • japanese whispers, the cure — 1983 ♡
    • let's go to bed, the dream, just one kiss, the upstairs room, the walk, speak my language, lament, the lovecats
  • kinks, the kinks — 1964
    • just cant go sleep, you really got me, too much monkey business, stop you sobbing, you still want me, you do something to me, all day and all of the night, i've got that feeling
  • sawayama, rina sawayama — 2020
    • dinaasty, xs, comme des garçons, akasaka sad, paradisin', who's gonna save you now?, chosen family, snakeskin

total: 5


  • amir, tamino — 2018 ♡
    • habibi, sun may shine, tummy, chambers, so it goes, indigo night, cigar, each time, verses, intervals, persephone
  • they might've even loved me, nombe — 2018
    • man up, wait, eden, young hearts, freak like me, can't catch me, drama, bad girls, sex, rocky horror, summer's gone, milk & coffee, sex on drugs
  • hard to imagine the neighbourhood ever changing, the neighbourhood — 2018
    • dust, 24/7, scary love, softcore, void, you get me so high, reflections, blue, paradise, stuck with me, flowers, compass, noise, heaven, nervous, sadderdaze
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