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I can't just tell you to be strong no matter what, but within those struggles, even just a little, please try to find things that make you happy.

——— january

  • never-ending rainy days, rewatched ponyo, went out for dinner, finished single's inferno, cherry bonbon, blessed-cursed, my suitcase broke, working from home, coffee date with my friend, got my last wisdom tooth pulled out, euphoria with thalita, went back to são paulo, got my third dose of the vaccine, watched all of us are dead with my parents, made sweet & spicy fried chicken

——— february

  • online shopping, anxious, couldn't sleep, mexican food night, wolo (wonpil solo), winter olympics, lamen with my friend, modern love made me cry, noite na paulista, dia no centro, had too much candy, massage, pachinko, coffee date with friends, i miss day6 so much

——— march

  • the weather is too hot, obssessed with 2521 and na heedo, anxious again, won a prize draw, lost my transportation and university cards i wanna d1e, watched turning red, my dad's birthday, i hate being an adult, got a new transportation card, moved out, a new semester begins, went to uni in person for the first time in two years, fila gigante do circular e do bandejão, tired and irritated

——— april

  • existential crisis, finished watching a business proposal, work stress, easter gifts, a nice cafe, japanese food, i miss day6, feriados, medida provisória na augusta, conheci a alice, power of love the movie, sleep deprived, going back to the gym (?)

——— may

  • got sick as usual, it's Cold, had pastel for lunch with some classmates, got rained on after work, suddenly met the consul general of china at my uni (?), got chinese books for free, freezing all day, positive feedback from my boss, my professor asked me to participate on his research project..., went out for lamen and cake with my friend, finally watched eeao

——— june

  • met my friend who's living in the u.s., catching some of the VNL, bought winter clothes, no holiday break for me..., cafe with my colleagues, had to take another self-test for covid, lost my card AGAIN..., watched eeao again but at the cinema, yumi's cells making me feel lonely
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