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  • "orrrrlík"
  • cobwebs and veils
  • lily-clogged water fountain
  • valerie’s white, narrow room
  • slavonice's architecture
  • luboš fišer ♥
  • matthew lewis' monster
  • little details of valerie's room
  • valerie eating currants as she reads
  • jaroslava's hair
  • dove coming to valerie with orlík’s letter
  • “i’m under the spell of a vampire”
  • the way orlík says “valerie”
  • tableaux vivant scenes
  • fishnet stockings of elsa and choker
  • blood droplets on daisies
  • valerie with her oil lamp
  • the birdcage
  • all the cogs and wheels
  • elsa’s victorian style
  • sleeping in the greenhouse
  • the graceful flowing movements of all characters
  • hedvika’s never ending black hair
  • the earrings on polecat
  • “your breast, your lap”
  • valerie being burned at the stake, pokes out her tongue
  • song valerie plays on harpsichord
  • valerie's hand on orlík’s face softly
  • ability to transport herself from unpleasant situations
  • hand glass to burn orlík’s letter
  • valerie and orlík always rescuing each other
  • valerie sleeps in a bed in the middle of the forest
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