• girls waring capes
  • women riding motorbikes + creepy atmosphere/ominous music
  • witchcraft
  • girls with their nymphomaniac ways
  • girls walking through the woods to get to school
  • spying through peepholes at their dream person
  • cloistered life
  • fictitious books, movies, tv shows ("seeker of the serpent's eye")
  • abrasively creepy scores
  • long shots of girls riding bikes
  • eeriness and gloom pervading
  • chambermaid-centered stories, their private lives
  • pastoral pretty villages + satanic rituals
  • where everyone is attractive and creepy
  • girls fixated by knives
  • close-ups of shoes as a character walks
  • lovers whispering “i could eat you up”
  • creepy darkened libraries
  • girls sleeping curled in/under huge trees, especially dying trees
  • girls wandering the wildwood alone
  • unsimulated sex
  • boys/girls engrossed by their books
  • sleep lines in skin
  • surrealism and dreamlike states
  • little delicate relics being preserved in jars
  • girls drawing their own anatomy
  • take place in all-girl boarding school
  • prolonged sexual tension
  • girls in coffins
  • non-linear story plot
  • jean rollin's girls
  • girls tasting the blood of a pricked finger
  • obsessive girl relationships
  • soft and delicate filters
  • gas lights in horror films
  • long, uncomfortable scenes with no dialogue
  • long hair on girls
  • fairytale gothic horror
  • prosthetic limbs with secret compartments for hiding treasures
  • whisperings that are not subtitled
  • seeing a character's handwriting
  • character's silhouetted figures
  • braided crowns become messy through duration of film
  • scenes taking place in record stores
  • rapidly skimming a character's life in a montage ♡
  • quiet walks up long staircases
  • riding in very old and creaky elevator lifts
  • the anxiety of showing someone's room for the first time
jul 9 2012 ∞
nov 15 2019 +
user picture cammy: This is amazing. Lots of mine here too (speciallyincest). <3 jul 22 2012
user picture vagabond: This list is amazing! jul 5 2013
user picture flowermouth: <3 thank you aug 5 2013
user picture 청순: You are fucking lovely, amazingly so. Reading this just made my sucky day better. Thank you. aug 14 2013
user picture flowermouth: that's very sweet, thank you! aug 17 2013
user picture Echo: This is wonderful! Do you mind if I make my own version (with credit of course?) feb 17 2014
user picture flowermouth: yes <3 feb 18 2014
user picture flowermouth: I mean... yes, please make one <3
user picture Echo: The list is up on my page. Thanks for the inspiration!
user picture vagabond: I hope you don't mind that I made a list like this - I gave you credit, of course. :) aug 5 2014
user picture flowermouth: glad my list inspired you <3 aug 11 2014
user picture Sheila: Not to sound creepy but I think this is my favorite list that I've come across on this site. It's so beautiful! Now I really want to know what are some movies that have these things in them? dec 16 2015
user picture flowermouth: thank you! <3 valerie and her week of wonders has many (like the soft/delicate filters, surrealism/dreamlike states, fairy tale gothic horror, girls in coffins). i didn't think to put specific films down for each bullet point but that would be a good list idea :) feb 9 2016
user picture Sheila: Ahh I've heard of that movie and wanted to watch it for a long time. Hopefully I'll get around to it soon :) feb 14 2016
user picture jéssica: this is so inspirational. i love it so much and i sure will write about some of these. thank you so much for this list. dec 21 2015
user picture flowermouth: let me know if you post a list <3 feb 9 2016
user picture berlingotière: "prosthetic limbs with secret compartments for hiding treasures" what is this referencing? it reminds me of Isabella Rossellini's glass legs of beer in The Saddest Music in the World, but that can't be it. :) nov 20 2016
user picture flowermouth: the headmistress in El espinazo del diablo (dir. del toro) has metal/wooden legs with gold bars hidden inside. in the show pushing daisies episode "Pigeon," the woman playing elsita hides diamonds in her wooden leg. i want to see the rossellini movie now :) jan 10 2017