• continue to be self-harm free
  • continue to eat every day
  • put legitimate effort into getting back to work or getting back to school; achieve one or the other by the end of the year
  • stay completely sober all year
  • work on coping with general anxiety to avoid becoming dependent on medication
    • learn more coping skills
    • utilize all coping skills more often than I did last year
  • work on coping with social anxiety
    • get out of the house more than I did last year
    • go places by myself more than I did last year
    • skype call with my friends


  • draw more women than I did last year
  • draw things other than Zexal more than I did last year
  • keep up with birthday and holiday art
  • practice drawing animals regularly
  • practice painting landscapes regularly
  • write once a week


  • actually use my kindle
  • don't buy new books unless I've read all the ones I own
  • finish watching GX
  • read more books than I did last year (17 minimum)
  • rewatch Zexal from the beginning


  • don't cut my hair this year at all
  • donate blood
  • learn more about spirituality / get in touch with my own spiritual side
  • read through all of my reference books
  • spend less time online via spending more time reading, drawing, studying, working out-- anything actually productive
  • start running again
  • travel more, even if it's just within my own community, visit more places I've never been to before
  • try to do new things just as often if not more often than I do the things I’m used to

financial (if/when I get a job)

  • buy an indoor plant and take good care of it
  • get a gym membership
  • get a tattoo (after I donate blood)
  • go back to the mountains with Shinya
  • go to HP World
  • move in with shea/visit shea (?)
  • open a bank account again
  • pay back H
  • pay back Ink
  • save up for Rebecca's visit
  • save up for Skyler's visit
  • start paying for my own shit again
  • start saving up for my trip to the UK
jan 2 2014 ∞
jan 2 2014 +