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  • going to the rooftop and reading a book while occasionally looking at the sky / bringing back game nights with friends / having chocochip cookies & milk for breakfast / walking around balatas while it drizzles / listening to slow dance with you as i journal in the kitchen / the red rice we harvested being delivered to people's doorsteps / mom's sudden decision to drive to the next city; singing along to songs throughout the drive / finished my tinker bell movie marathon! / lunch at kenny rogers roasters (my first time?) i was so amazed / working on a presentation & being pleased with the result / talking to shaanne about kpop shenanigans / an afternoon just giving in to food cravings with my sister / at the opis talking to dear friends, learning from each other / getting closer to jm, who makes me laugh a lot / walking to a new nearby coffee stall with my dad & sister / buying new earphones just in time to listen to all the great music releases this month / reese lansangan's curiosity quiz & sharing it with domi and lois / picking mangoes & sharing it / driving to pili on a rainy day just to have lunch with the family / practicing driving and finally getting the hang of it (but let's not get too excited)


  • mayo uno protest / vix & toni's visit! talking about books & writing & kamustahan / domi and lois' birthday gift arrived; crying over their letters in tenderness & gratitude / the opis mates gc giving me laughter and comfort / gony giving me packs of different kinds of tea / morning ride to naga, holding warm saba in my hand / discovering priscilla ahn's music / elron's birthday, cooking kimchi fried rice as handa / attending an ed with another collective on the woman question / writing a letter for s & reading friends' messages for her as well / pat and ry's fun and insightful space on tbz & astrology / silent protest: the serene walk before the event, catching up with friends, not separating until we had to / cooking adobong kangkong for friends / talking to s on the phone / an evening with friends at the art fair, playing the question game and including other people there as well / baking chocochip cookies & beetroot cake / delicious vietnamese lunch with the family / deobi log discord server / going back to pacol and trying to drive for the first time / making (and loving) red pesto pasta / finishing all my class requirements; the sem & this period of my life is done <3


  • an impromptu nature trip for my mom, a dip at the stream / the songs midzy (trust me) & closer / getting a stand mixer and new baking tools at the start of april! / a visit to goa for the holy week / getting an avocado shake from my lola (and ate jan got mango shake, she got us so perfectly) / loving little forest: summer/autumn & winter/spring / ate jan's thoughtful gift: a (pink!) weki meki album / watching the boyz film festival with domi and lois as a pre-birthday celebration / planning for my birthday, preparing it with my sister, and celebrating it with my beloved people / baking carrot cake and banana bread / getting through the busiest week at work & the kind and encouraging messages i got from my colleagues after / jerzon's thoughtful gift: a kevin drawing / my love so sweet spotify playlist / learning how to crochet and starting a project for ate jan / tea's film recommendation that i loved so much: liz and the blue bird / jollibee lunch after a happy day at work / spending an afternoon with gony, boboy, and thea again / sitting at plaza with my siblings / walking around kawa kawa hill / the relief of having my april to-do list done


  • 2tzy:hello 2021 / making cheesy eggdesal & sharing it with my brother / an afternoon third wheeling to gony & ali / milktea indulgence & walking home from magsaysay / visiting the bicoliana section in the uni library / preparing the food for our house blessing / the love that is contained in reading six of crows with evelois actually / domi's loveliness sealed in an envelope / the easy way sch & just & i clicked and worked together / younghoon a to boyz and his vlive after / this adventure ends by emma mills / the loveliest, unexpected message from shaine / khryss' birthday, talking passionately about music, and laughing so hard my glasses broke / samgyup with ate jan & nicole & wawi who i haven't talked to in years / thumbs by lucy dacus / reading fence comics while on the drive to legazpi with my family / rewarding myself with food & domilois' company during midterms day / ukay-ukay !!! by myself and with mom (on another day) / gony day & her oust du30 cake / an evening with nikka / morning walk through liboton, the familiarity of it / sending my resignation letter ◡̈


  • bun's playlist / my february notion calendar / rereading vampire academy with eve and lois & the hysteria that goes with it / late night (reaffirming) video call with chan / evenings of group reading with the kolek / celebrating ode to you's 1st anniversary with nikka, nicole, ate jan / hanging out and pagdedemonyo with domi and lois / a pair of lovely earrings + pepper spray that ate nica got me as a gift / historian by lucy dacus, dancing to yours & mine / an afternoon drive with the family, coming across a cute mug and a studio ghibli puzzle with ate jan / a really productive perfect day where i did everything i wanted to do (feb 12) / at publiqo, petting a cat & singing loudly to songs from the 2000's / spending valentines day with good music & the wonderful company of my friends / playing skribbl with domilois on domi day and laughing so much / all ys mob with albay people / playing stardew valley co-op with lois! / reading pizza girl / catching up with arri, lois, lauren loves of my life / asking friends' help in answering my worksheet just when i was so close to losing my mind / ate jan and i singing karaoke in our room / domi my bbangnyu vlive provider after a really tough week


  • cooking & sharing food on the first day of the year / a trip to goa, taking notes while reading pedagogy of the oppressed, and an orange sunset / watching couples dance at alfogens / watching reply 1997 & sharing the kilig with trisha anne / good days by sza / getting my first tattoo with gony & boboy / mikka's birthday celebration after only meeting each other that day, and the evening walk with karla after / bgy slowly coming together through collective effort / making a nostalgia playlist and playing it on speakers / frequent walks with ate jan to magsaysay after work hours / a cup of lemongrass tea during the cold mornings / getting back into stardew valley / an afternoon preparing food for dad's small birthday celebration / catching up with ate ynna over coffee (or in my case, green tea) / listening to songs through headphones / first meetings of the year with the kolek / in:complete svt online concert at nikka's house / sharing food, taking pictures, and playing cards with the cousins at ate jan's birthday / the start of classes!
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