i am writing this to get it out of my system. heads up, this won't make sense because i am crying as i write this, and my train of thought is lost somewhere. but i want this out before i completely lose my mind.

napapagod din ako. i honestly think i'm barely functioning. and i'm trying to think of how i can possibly tell this in the decent way possible. pero, napapagod na ako.

i never asked to be a shock absorber, it was always something that i had no choice to begin with. and this may be a recurring rant that i've always been telling my friends about pero nahihiya na ko to rant the same things over and over because i am stuck here. and i don't know when i'll ever get out.

i can't think of any way to say this without going on to the specifics, but i am tired, exhausted, and very much burned out. i'm only literally hanging by a thread and everything i do on a daily basis is on autopilot. and i can't get out (figuratively and literally, fuck you covid)

jan 15 2021 ∞
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