• watching a DEH legboot with dad
  • pink highlights (again :D)
  • found the good potato chips
  • second semester starto!
    • book printing class seems interesting
  • B99 IS BACK, BABY!!
  • Joined comic club at uni, let's see how this goes...
  • Pretty damn proud of my witchsona drawing!
  • Finally sat down to watch One Day At A Time and it’s pretty rad so far!
  • Ran into old teacher from K-Grade 3 at the mall
    • said she's proud of how far I've come
  • Steven Universe s5 finale was INSANE
  • Cyrus came out as gay on Andi Mack (we made history y'all!)
  • Discovered Picrew. Goodbye free time
    • it may sound dumb but I'm so proud of Elsa
    • also hilarious because anti-Frozen ppl are now honestly hyped for it
jan 1 2019 ∞
feb 14 2019 +