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i have

    • first lobes
    • second lobes
    • upper lobe (left ear)
    • rook (right ear)
    • helix (right ear)
    • nose (left side)
    • monroe (right side)
    • humming bird (left side, slightly below rib cage)
    • roses (left forearm)
    • bee and honeycomb (right forearm)
    • angler fish (right inner ankle)
    • medusa cat in the style of Lola (left thigh)
    • bell jar w/skull and plant (back of right arm)
    • queen of cups inspired water bearer (left forearm)
    • "patience is also a form of action" in my grandmother's handwriting (right wrist)
    • moth (sternum)

i want

    • mermaid inspired
    • something anatomical
    • witch pinup
    • "From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity." Right bicep
    • moon cycles
    • junimo
    • pomegranate
    • candle
    • paper boat
    • 'this too shall pass' or in Hebrew 'גם זה יעברך'
    • palm of hamsa
    • tarot card(s) (Queen of Cups/Pentacles? The Tower? The High Priestess? The Star? The Sun? The World?)
    • nipples (but it hurt so baddd)

i had

    • industrial (left ear)
    • septum
    • belly button
    • tragus (left ear, migrated out and left a small divot)
    • nipples (for a hot second)
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