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cynthia ⊻ diana

  • wants an adventure
  • with her oppressive, isolated upbringing, the narrator longed for an adventure but was never given the chance.

the (abstract) antagonist

  • her illness
  • cynthia was never informed about what was ailing her, but diana has the cat scans + mris to vividly illustrate her shortcomings. she suffers from blackouts, hallucinations, and memory loss from her partial seizures.

the (physical) antagonist

  • her family
  • constantly doing what is "right" and "proper" for their daughter, her parents completely dehumanize the narrator. her parents invalidate her fears, her dreams, her ability to take care of herself. they physically abuse her by pushing her past her limits in order to make her appear "normal" and punish her for any seizures she suffers. her parents also adopt the very girl who intentionally and maliciously injured her, causing her seizures, and proceed to treat the new addition to their family far better for being "normal" and "meeting their expectations."
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