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a different moon (2015) - quasi-biographical

  • after reincarnation, a now teen-aged girl repeats the tragic path of her previous life until at sixteen she begins having crippling bouts of déjà vu. glimpses of the horrific consequences being passive can bring propels her to run away from home, join a cult, hitch a ride with a rock band, and have a great adventure.

the last prophecy (2014)

  • a grecian-american barkeep is mistaken for the hero of this story (the legendary prophet, foretold as savior to the dying galaxy) by two time traveling teens, being dragged about through time (and sometimes space) in order to uncover whatever prophecy she's suppose to already have (only to discover she was never the prophet at all).

once upon a sleepless night (2013)

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cynthia ⊻ diana

  • wants an adventure
  • with her oppressive, isolated upbringing, the narrator longed for an adventure but was never given the chance.

the (abstract) antagonist

  • her illness
  • cynthia was never informed about what was ailing her, but diana has the cat scans + mris to vividly illustrate her shortcomings. she suffers from blackouts, hallucinations, and memory loss from her partial seizures.

the (physical) antagonist

  • her family
  • constantly doing what is "right" and "proper" for their daughter, her parents completely dehumanize the narrator. her parents invalidate her fears, her dreams, her ability to take care of herself. they phy...
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  • pick a plot
  • flesh out the back story
  • fill out my snowflakes
  • finish preliminary outline


  • mold a screen play
  • make some cover art
  • manufacture a soundtrack


  • write 1,667 words per day (∞)
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subject: reincarnation

theme: there is a great adventure inside each of us; if we do not face controversy, we shall never be fulfilled

okay, what's it about?

  • a paranormal adventure chronicling the confusing gyrations of a teenager coming to terms with the fact her life may not be solely her own.

tell me more about this unoriginal plot.

  • without pursuing her dreams, cynthia dies a wholly unremarkable death in 1948. that should be the end of it. instead, diana is born fifty years later and makes all the same mistakes. suddenly suffering from crippling flashes of deja vu (which others attribute to her partial seizures), diana begins to look towards a different, more frightening future than the one upon which cynthia settled, one that may lead...
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