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a different moon (2015) - quasi-biographical

  • after reincarnation, a now teen-aged girl repeats the tragic path of her previous life until at sixteen she begins having crippling bouts of déjà vu. glimpses of the horrific consequences being passive can bring propels her to run away from home, join a cult, hitch a ride with a rock band, and have a great adventure.

the last prophecy (2014)

  • a grecian-american barkeep is mistaken for the hero of this story (the legendary prophet, foretold as savior to the dying galaxy) by two time traveling teens, being dragged about through time (and sometimes space) in order to uncover whatever prophecy she's suppose to already have (only to discover she was never the prophet at all).

once upon a sleepless night (2013)

  • dustin wants a normal life, but that just isn't in the cards - what with his mom losing her marbles after his dad and sister split. plus, he's plagued by constant nightmares in which he inevitably dies a gruesome death. life blows, until his crush sam starts to notice him. then it gets worse. being with sam turns his nightmares into reality. now demons are coming to claim his soul just like they did to all his family before him.

the pirate king: a beginning (2012)

  • lícia has never been very lucky, but fate gives a kind turn when she is delivered from the throes of death by a boy who pleads her case to the pirate who killed her parents. by the fall of a blade, she finds herself no longer a lesser lord's daughter but a princess, but she soon also finds she may have been safer just staying on the ship.
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