• i'm walking down the sidewalk, with a destination but without a hurry and pandora's playing me this fantastic new song. it's raining and even above the music i can hear the wind above and scattering leaves on the ground, but the trees are keeping me dry and secluded.
  • floating on my back in her pool, voices and music mixed but muffled by the water-- staring at the leaves and the stars above while the lights around cast a soft glow on absolutely everything.
  • i'm taking a walk, ill-advised but i wanted to, watching from the bus as the wind whipped branches into a frenzy-- i'm walking down the road, the leaves are dancing and i can hear the wind, feel it even in my bones and i'm laughing, laughing so hard, feeling so light, and the wind steals it all away and i can't even care.
  • sitting quietly in the back of the car as it's pouring rain, windows on all sides and just listening and watching it all, feeling surrounded in the most wonderful way.
  • waking up after a migraine, running out into the side yard wearing only my hoodie (but it's long, nearly to my knees), settling into that little nook between the woods and that tiny grove of trees, pulling my hoodie over my knees and watching my dirt-covered toes as they wiggle.
  • halloween, eight in the morning-- sitting on that small hill by the grape vines, thinking of the promises of trick-or-treating ahead, in my pajamas and singing bob dylan to the wind.
  • tossing rocks into the lake, letting our barefoot legs dangle off the bridge, just talking and talking as we watch the stormclouds slowly roll in.
  • waking up from the backseat of his car, momentarily losing the weighty loneliness i was feeling the entire trip; blearily looking out the window and watching victorian houses pass by as i hear 'house by the sea' for the first time
  • the high from the night previous is still lingering, and i'm sitting in the car while it's parked in the driveway. i'm surrounded by friends and we're listening to a florence + the machine song i've never heard before as i watch raindrops roll down the windshield.
oct 8 2011 ∞
nov 29 2012 +