oct 18 2011

  • neil posted four fills for nuan's character meme
  • felt legitimately happy during the night, if a little hazy-foggy
  • discovered chocolate chips melted with almond butter mixed with dry rice noodles is fucking decadent

oct 20 2011

  • went to hookah and later taco bell with neil, kakie, and claire and had an obnoxiously good time
    • and i mean 'obnoxiously'
  • wore a supernatural themed outfit (singer salvage shirt, ripped jeans, dirty converse, guitar earrings, heavy gold eyeshadow, hair up, ankh necklace)

oct 23 2011

  • went art supplies shopping and picked up watercolours and acrylics, as well as the corresponding paper and several miscellaneous painting accessories!

nov 02 2011 (i forgot about this for a while, so this will be about some of the good things that happened whilst i wasn't writing)

  • last night wasn't that great, but talking to caro on aim for the first time in ages and making a cheering-up post on tumblr that made at least one person a bit happier did some good
  • a few days ago i finally cleaned up enough that i could get my mattress on the floor, and i positioned my dresser so it separated the bed from the rest of the room and gave me a lovely, snug feeling. i also repurposed the little shelf from my old desk to work as a bedside table, and while i didn't sleep well because of the dust, having my own place to go to once again was wonderful.
  • and then on the proceeding friday (oct 28) shriek came down to visit, and we had a sleepover with jesse and claire
    • it was the first time i've seen jesse since we made a dalek cake at shriek's house
    • also things were less awkward with claire? she and i sat right next to each other while i was tumblring a bit
    • and in the morning we had pumpkin cheesecake for breakfast
  • as for today, i had another short photography session in my yard

nov 03 2011

  • got a call for a job interview at walmart!!
  • was able to make small talk while getting my hair cut
  • watched bruce & evan almighty with my mother and maya. they're not the greatest of movies, but they're charming and made me smile.

i forgot about this for a while, but i have a job now.

jan 03 2012

  • finished a scandal in bohemia on the ride home from work today (while listening to a grand selection of music) and eating almond chocolates
  • watched a scandal in bavaria upon arriving at home
oct 16 2011 ∞
jan 3 2012 +