(i dislike myself so profoundly that i figure i may as well make this, so i can look at it when questions like 'what do you like about yourself?' make me pause.)

  • i find the colour of my eyes to be pretty (hazel, a ring of brown around the pupil with the rest a dusty green colour).
  • i think my freckles are cute.
  • i'm fairly intelligent; i read harry potter in first grade, took a few college classes while in high school, have an above-average iq, and got a 1990 the first time i took my sats, while only attending school online and not taking any preparatory classes.
    • (i considered taking the sats again and aiming for an ivy league score (2000+) but was so constantly anxious at the time that i didn't bother.)
      • (i sort of regret this decision, but i suppose it's because i'm not perpetually stressed anymore and am not in the same mindset while looking back.)
  • i'm good at keeping secrets.
  • i can bake pretty well.
    • i say 'pretty well' because, while i've received plenty of compliments on them, i only make simple things like cookies/cupcakes/bars, so i don't know if i'd handle more complicated things like souffle or eclairs and whatnot with the same ability.)
  • i'm fairly decent at drawing, although i want to get much, much better.
  • compliments from others
    • somebody once told me i'm 'fiber-optically amazing'
    • i smiled at one of my regulars at work and he said 'aaa, i haven't seen a smile like that in years!'
    • my managers like me enough that they gave me employee of the month for november '12.
    • my friend once told me some pumpkin cupcakes i baked were the best cupcakes she's ever had.
      • although she was fairly inebriated at the time, so the validity of the comment is questionable.
    • i've been told i'm a very good kisser.
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