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tomorrow i too - this feeling and thinking soul, the universe i am to myself - yes, tomorrow i too will be someone who no longer walks the streets, someone others will evoke with a vague: 'i wonder what's become of him?'

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sekai fic rec supernatural!au

(best)friends, friends to lovers, friends with benefits

1. sore loser / 16k / explicit

  • It's the middle of summer, and with Sehun's parents on vacation out of the country, he and Jongin have spent the better part of two weeks sitting on the couch playing through every video game they own. Although it seemed like a perfect plan at first, by the end of those two weeks they're bored out of their minds. A little bet should make things interesting again. friends with benefits, bros sekai, pwp

2. get cocky / 4k / explicit / ongoing

  • Sometimes in the middle of Wednesday, during Global Politics, it occurred to Jongin as he measured along his thigh where the tip of his dick would be if it was as big as Sehun’s, that he spent way too much time thinking about his best friend’s cock. college au, size kink, reverse size kink, dude/bro!sekai, cock worship

3. pseudologia fantastica, or something along those lines / 7k / explicit

  • jongin is a nympho and sehun doesn't really know what to do about that, but he fucks jongin a lot, and it's painful. rollercoaster of emotions, angst, major character death (emotionally removed/not explicit), fuck buddies, fuckedup!jongin

4. in theory / 12k / explicit

  • jongin wonders what a finger in his ass would feel like and sehun wonders if ramen is back in stock on mondays. high school au, first times, dude/bro!sekai

5. the playlist [from a to z] / 50k / explicit / ongoing

  • In which Sehun and Jongin decide to work their way through an alphabetical list of kinks and sexual explorations. college au, exhibitionism, blindfolds, body worship, double penetration, food play, crossdressing, knifeplay, blood play, friends to lovers

6. is that a python in your pants or are you just excited to see me? / 36k / explicit / ongoing

  • Jongin, Yixing, Baekhyun, and Jongdae get a new flatmate. Jongin thinks he's gorgeous. The cats think he smells like a snake. hybrids (snake/human + cat/human), college au, fluff, smut

6. suspension / 2k / mature

  • Casual handjobs while they watch porn on Jongin’s computer is one thing. It’s the kissing Sehun isn’t sure what to do about. handjobs, mutual masturbation

7. sunlit / 6k / mature

  • In which Sehun and Jongin are childhood best friends with something stronger than friendship tying them together. 19days au, high school au, feels

9. rising like the smoke, you linger on me / 8k / explicit

  • Jongin smells like he's loved and protected and wanted, and he is—just not the way he wants to be in his weaker, more pathetic moments. omegaverse

10. summer lovin' / 18k / teens & up audiences

  • Summer of 1954. Sehun's new in town, and Jongin shows him around. At least, that's how it starts. 50's au, slice of life, internalised homophobia, fluff

11. call me... (baby? monster? no, call me hyung) / 10k / explicit

  • the hyung kink fic friends to lovers, mutual pining, kinky

12. get a little closer / 4.5k / explicit

  • Sehun's never had a blowjob. Jongin's more than willing to help him out. fwb, best friends, first time blowjobs, fluff

13. don't / kiss me / 20k / teens & up audiences

  • Crushing on a best friend is never a good idea. When he’s dating another of your friends, it’s even worse. Or, alternatively, Sehun really wants to kiss Jongin but he doesn't want to fuck up his friendship with either Jongin or Chanyeol. poly: sekaiyeol, friends to lovers, mutual pining

14. got me up all night (all i'm singin' is love songs) / 10k / teen & up audiences

  • Tumblr famous ulzzang Sehun and b-boy Jongin meet. tumblr au

15. my best friend is a camboy / 4.2k / explicit

  • In retrospect, Jongin should have known better than to tell Sehun his little secret. camboy!jongin, voyeurism, crossdressing, masturbation

16. cock envy / 21.6k / teens & up audiences

  • Jongin is jealous of all those cocks Sehun has, especially since Jongin’s the one that brought them home. humor, mutual pining, friends to lovers, fluff

17. everything is beautiful far away / 16k / explicit

  • “We are best friends.” Sehun says out of nowhere. “…So?” “This shoot is different. Would you feel comfortable lying in a bed with me, pretending you are my lover?” exhibitionism, fashion/models au

18. here comes the sun (and i say it's all alright) / 700 / general

  • sehun greets him with a hiccup, a sob threatening to break, but jongin doesn’t ask―doesn’t pester him with what’s wrong or don’t cry or it’s going to be okay because jongin isn’t ever sure if it really will be. hurt/comfort, best friends

19. be a good boy for me, babe / 3k / mature

  • sehun would've paid good money for jongin's mouth to be considered the eighth wonder of the world. pwp, blowjobs, canon

20. show me where your dick's at / 2k / explicit

  • Sehun can't stop thinking about Jongin's dick. size kink

21. one for the road / 17k / mature

  • “Not only is this road trip a celebration of their last year of college, but it’s a celebration of their friendship. There’s just one teeny, tiny, little problem: Jongin may-or-may-not be in love with his best friend.” road trip au

22. dizzy to distraction / 4k / explicit

  • Studying gets risky when stripping and bets get involved. friends to lovers, college au, strip games

23. attaché / 16k / explicit

  • there were supposed to be no strings attached, but all jongin became was attached. he didn’t realise when he fell or how hard the thought of sehun with someone else would hurt, but it does and - he feels numb. fwb, friends to lovers

24. toilet stop / 22k / explicit

  • kim jongin, or for his friends ‘kai’, and his best buddy byun baekhyun were destined to share their hotel room, on their trip to beijing, with two boys of the class they didn’t quite know well yet: park chanyeol and oh sehun. but since the boys were only sophomores of their high school, several toilet stops on their journeys were necessary. and during those toilet stops jongin got to know sehun’s true self. high school au, school trip, friends to lovers

25. we're on sugar high, baby / 4k / explicit

  • sehun falls in love too easily, has an asshole as a best friend and likes sugar.

26. happy endings / 1k / explicit

  • baby's first porno viewing (d)evolves into messy masturbation. masturbation

27. jingle my bells / 5k / explicit

  • "Hey Sehun, if you jingle my bells I can promise you a white Christmas." pwp

28. let's go all the way tonight (no regrets, just gay) / 5k / explicit

  • kiss him and see.” who knew those four simple words would lead to super high school level sex? well written crack fic, rimming, best friends to lovers

29. never doubt i love / 11k / explicit

  • Jongin has watched Sehun go through boyfriend after boyfriend, scumbag after scumbag, and it’s killing him. It’s hard enough to see it happen to your best friend, let alone the boy you’re in love with. high school au, hurt/comfort, best friends to lovers

30. blond ambition / 4k / explicit

  • It's Sehun's birthday, and he just really wants to see Jongin with blond hair. college au, fwb, dude/bro!sekai

31. i lose control & shiver deep inside / 2k / explicit

  • "Do it, Jongin," Sehun urges, eyes staring into Jongin's, equally dark and filled with lust. Jongin nods and tightens the band of the belt across the slender column of Sehun's throat and thoughtfully watches as the pale skin reddens along the edge of the black leather. pwp, slight pain kink, frottage, choking, rough sex, canon

32. soulbinder / ongoing / explicit

  • When Sehun binds his soul to an Alpha in a Regnandi pack, he is only fifteen. Over the years, one tragedy after another leaves him forlorn and abandoned, his soul still longing for its binder. As an androgynous Omega in an Aequus pack, Sehun has no chance of becoming an Alpha's mate. And his soulbinder is not going to risk expatriation from his pack and family by accepting an Aequus for a mate. omegaverse, soulmates, fluff, angst & heartbreak

33. tell 'em / 2k / general

  • Sehun inhales deeply and his chest aches with the warm weight of Jongin in his arms. surfer bros, friends to lovers, bromance

34. run the heart / 4k / general / part 2/prequel of #180: tell 'em

  • Sehun had first met Jongin when he was six and his father had decided to humor his obsession with surfing with a trip to the local surf shop on his birthday. surfer bros

35. talk dirty to me / 9k / explicit • part 1 of 5, all parts are standalone

  • Best friends Kai and Sehun go to a party and end up more than a little tipsy. After a dare goes further than Kai expects (and he learns an interesting new thing about himself), he’s worried about what Sehun will think of him. Little does he know that Sehun is more than willing to help him through his… hard time. high school au, best friends

36. kiss, kiss, fall in love / 5k / general

  • jongin really hates kissing booths. unless if they lead up to him kissing his best friend, then sure. why the heck not. friends to lovers

37. fantasy / 3k / explicit

  • Sehun just wanted his prime shower slot back, but what he got was so much more. pwp

38. high tide / 18k / explicit

  • Or, alternatively entitled, ‘I Really Hate My Life But Mostly Oh Sehun.’ Jongin is just your average, run-of-the-mill horny college kid who’s in love with his average, run-of-the-mill horny best friend, Sehun. Surely life isn’t supposed to be this hard? friends with benefits, angst

39. 'til the veins run red and blue / 4k / explicit

  • Kim Jongin is a young ambitious doctor but everyone has skeletons in their closets. doctors au, friends with benefits
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