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tomorrow i too - this feeling and thinking soul, the universe i am to myself - yes, tomorrow i too will be someone who no longer walks the streets, someone others will evoke with a vague: 'i wonder what's become of him?'

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note: below are fics that possess the general theme/related elements of love shot (criminals, mystery, mafia au, etc + kinks such as gunplay). my opinion of what belongs here or not may differ from yours

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1. kkangpae(깡패) / 14k / explicit

mafia au, dirty talk, spanking, orgasm denial, slight bondage, rimming, branding, hematolagnia, knife play, breath play, forced exhibitionism, gun play, russian roulette, rough sex

2. endgame / 16k / explicit

sleeping with the lover of east asia's most dangerous arms dealer wasn't one of oh sehun's brightest ideas. mafia au

3. matcha & honey / series / 25k / explicit

In which Sehun stress-bakes, has an unforgettable one-night stand, becomes a frequent flyer, and has unparalleled sexual tension with his very attractive boss. one night stand, rough sex, dom/subred bean brioche with cold brew / 13k / explicit / drama & action, romance, office sexaffogato / 23k / explicit / ongoing

4. and we'll be running / 18.6k / explicit

Sometimes Jongin kisses Sehun like he's making a promise that he can't keep, and Sehun is to much of a sucker to push him away and run. mafia au, romance, angst

5. butter fingers / 4k / explicit

kai thinks the world was created for idealistic safety and optimism while sehun thinks kai hasn’t smelled enough burnt powder yet to enjoy danger. gun play

6. what's your game / 76k / explicit

Sehun likes to smoke and drink but what he really loves is feeling a nice deck of cards shifting between his fingers. When he brings the beauty who sleeps in the subway home one night, he had no idea what's waiting for him—doesn't know what sort of world the hustler will draw him into. passionate romance, miscommunication, hustlers au, action

7. run and gun / 4k / explicit

Jongin gets hurt, Sehun takes care of him. Except not really. gun play, criminals (heist men)

8. the war within / 3k / explicit

In which Sehun is a mafia boss, and Jongin is a tattoo artist. mafia au

9. treat me like fire (babe) / 13k / explicit

Sehun spends most of his life worried for his life, because Jongin is an overzealous cop that likes to do things in the most dangerous way imaginable. Somehow, they manage to solve cases and come out with their heads intact – that is, until they finally catch a lead on a cold case and things start going south. Somewhere along the way, feelings become too much to handle. With enough pressure, all dams eventually break. fbi au, case fic

10. what crime did commit, officer? / 3k / explicit

Sehun doesn't know what crime he's committed, but after seeing the hot deputy, he'd gladly do it again. police au, outer space, spanking

11. we're just taller children / 15k / teen & up audiences

When Joonmyun decides to add Oh Sehun as the sixth member of their crew, Jongin seems to be the only one that has a problem with it. criminals au, heist

12. hundred dollar kisses / 6k / mature

sehun deals in pain while jongin deals in pleasure. prostitution, interrogator for hire, angst

13. but i'll protect you for life / 28k / mature

All Sehun wants is to feel safe. mafia au, dom/sub, daddy kink, angst, rimming

14. 'tis the nightingale and not the lark / 12k / general

Happily ever afters just don't always happen. mafia au, romeo & juliet au

15. sometimes boys like me are curious / 5k / explicit

“My name's Jongin and I'm your new owner.” catboy!sehun, mafia au, bondage, toys

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