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tomorrow i too - this feeling and thinking soul, the universe i am to myself - yes, tomorrow i too will be someone who no longer walks the streets, someone others will evoke with a vague: 'i wonder what's become of him?'

ibana follows:
sekai fic rec supernatural!au
  • everything beautiful is far away, 16k, models au, [tags: eventual smut, light angst], (ao3: explicit)
  • if you go chasing rabbits, 47k, college au (ao3: explicit) jongin keeps having strange dreams about one of his classmates
  • milk, 5k, catboys au, [tags: mpreg, ass worship, daddy kink, nipple play], (ao3: explicit)
  • skin flush, lips sweet, 6k, sex club au, [tags: voyeurism, sex toys, overstimulation], (ao3: explicit) kim Jongin's first time is unlike no other
  • skirts, sweet lips, and strawberry kisses, 2k, crossdressing, (ao3: explicit) sehun dresses up all pretty for jongin while sucking on a lollipop. sex ensues
  • we're all just taller children, 15k, criminals au, (ao3: teen&up audiences) when joonmyun decides to add oh sehun as the sixth member of their crew, jongin seems to be the only one that has a problem with it
  • wind me up and make me crawl to you, 2k, [tags: humiliation kink, crossdressing, slight seho], (lj: nc17)
  • you for the moment, 1k, small town au, [tags: angst], (ao3: teen&up audiences) life in a small town is too limiting for jongin's dreams after high school, but can he leave his boyfriend sehun behind?
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