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tomorrow i too - this feeling and thinking soul, the universe i am to myself - yes, tomorrow i too will be someone who no longer walks the streets, someone others will evoke with a vague: 'i wonder what's become of him?'

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could it think, the heart would stop beating. - fernando pessoa

i present to u [drum rolls] a masterlist of some of my favourite fics ive read through 2014 up till now

1. joie de vivre / 61k / not rated

  • Sehun doesn't sleep. Jongin makes coffee. This is not the fairy tale story of a Starbucks barista and his roommate. angst, romance, slice of life

2. sore loser / 16k / explicit

  • It's the middle of summer, and with Sehun's parents on vacation out of the country, he and Jongin have spent the better part of two weeks sitting on the couch playing through every video game they own. Although it seemed like a perfect plan at first, by the end of those two weeks they're bored out of their minds. A little bet should make things interesting again. friends with benefits, dude/bro!sekai, pwp

3. LOL UR SO FUNNY but pls stfu / 4k / mature

  • Internet boyfriends!au where Sehun is horny and Jongin is failing his classes and Soojung doesn't help at all. text fic, internet boyfriends

4. (you make it easy) to fall in love / 5k / explicit

  • Sehun doesn't expect a lot of things. fluff, romance

5. pur(r)ification / 3k / explicit

  • Jongin wants a cat. Sehun buys a kitty-ear headband and tries to be cute. sex toys, petplay, rimming, pwp

6. let's get physical, physical / 9k / explicit

  • Sehun likes going to the gym for the cardio; definitely not to ogle at the hot guy that lifts. mutual pining, love at first sight, slight body worship, dirty talk

7. 100 days and counting / 12k / explicit

  • Sehun had no idea who he was making out with on Baekhyun's snap story. snapchat au, flirt!jongin

8. all an act / 12k / mature

  • For a number of weeks, it has been speculated that long-standing rivals Kim Jongin and Oh Sehun will be appearing in a movie set to release early 2018, taking on the lead roles as a young homosexual couple in what is expected to be the best coming of age romance of the year. Neither Kim nor Oh has released an official statement regarding the rumor so do take this with a grain of salt. What do you think, though? Rivals filming together; hit or miss? actors au, rivals to lovers

9. sing while california is dreaming / 1k / explicit

  • Sehun is silent and broken, and Kai doesn't know how to make it better. hurt/comfort

10. champions 6k / mature

  • The development of the relationship between Kim Jongin, the school's prized striker, and Oh Sehun, the school's undefeated sprinter. college au, sports, locker room shenanigans

11. in another life... / 6k / explicit

  • fluff, angst, tragedy

12. and their sins are / 1k / explicit

  • A confession box isn't really a place for altar boys to fuck. Jongin thinks otherwise. pwp, church sex

13. be a good boy for me, babe / 3k / mature

  • sehun would've paid good money for jongin's mouth to be considered the eighth wonder of the world. pwp, blowjobs, canon

14. i lose control & shiver deep inside / 2k / explicit

  • "Do it, Jongin," Sehun urges, eyes staring into Jongin's, equally dark and filled with lust. Jongin nods and tightens the band of the belt across the slender column of Sehun's throat and thoughtfully watches as the pale skin reddens along the edge of the black leather. pwp, slight pain kink, frottage, choking, rough sex, canon

15. dizzy to distraction / 4k / explicit

  • Studying gets risky when stripping and bets get involved. friends to lovers, college au, strip games

16. seven deadly virtues / 19k / general

  • Based on the prompt: A depressed guy moves into a haunted house with seven demons, each corresponding to a deadly sin; but they're all trying to help him get back on his feet and get it on with his best friend. In other words: Sehun's home life, love life and academic life are all gradually crumbling down until he moves into the haunted house at the outskirts of town. angst with happy ending, paranormal, supernatural, college au

17. the playlist [from a to z] / 50k / explicit / ongoing

  • In which Sehun and Jongin decide to work their way through an alphabetical list of kinks and sexual explorations. college au, exhibitionism, blindfolds, body worship, double penetration, food play, crossdressing, knifeplay, blood play, friends to lovers

18. buns of steel / 7k / explicit

  • In which Sehun dreams of becoming a mini Sex God and enlists the help of an actual Sex God, Kim Jongin. trainer!jongin, smut

19. salvation of a sinner / 12k / explicit

  • "Your sins fit you like a glove." – Oh Sehun. In which Kim Jongin, having hit rock bottom, summons a demon by the name of Oh Sehun to aid him in an act of revenge. demons au, character death

20. is that a python in your pants or are you just excited to see me? / 36k / explicit / ongoing

  • Jongin, Yixing, Baekhyun, and Jongdae get a new flatmate. Jongin thinks he's gorgeous. The cats think he smells like a snake. hybrids (snake/human + cat/human), college au, fluff, smut

21. suspension / 2k / mature

  • Casual handjobs while they watch porn on Jongin’s computer is one thing. It’s the kissing Sehun isn’t sure what to do about. handjobs, mutual masturbation

22. letters to you... / 43k / mature

  • deaf/mute, medieval au, romance, tragedy

23. prodigialis / series / explicit • lusus naturae / 100k / • thread of fates / 100k / • cosmic pandemonium / 40k / ongoing

  • In which Sehun is born with occult and power to bend weather. His atmokinetic Flair strikes him a ticket to the most prestigious mutant academy in the world—Flairers' Academia. But his biggest predicament gremlin which he has to face in every Combative Defense Arts class is his dogmatic, pedagogue, roguish, arrogant, aggressive instructor Kim Kai who specializes in Superhuman Agility. teacher/student, sci-fi, fantasy, love hate, college au, mutant, poly: sekaihun

24. genesis to eschaton / 57k / explicit

  • twincest: jongin/jongin, dystopia, physical disability, sci-fi, artificial intelligence au

25. king's lost prince / 89k / explicit / ongoing

  • A vengeful assassin Prince and a sadistic, cold-blooded King. The half-brothers' shattering adventure. fantasy, royalty au, assassins, action/adventure, incest

26. treat me like fire (babe) / 13k / explicit

  • Sehun spends most of his life worried for his life, because Jongin is an overzealous cop that likes to do things in the most dangerous way imaginable. Somehow, they manage to solve cases and come out with their heads intact – that is, until they finally catch a lead on a cold case and things start going south. Somewhere along the way, feelings become too much to handle. With enough pressure, all dams eventually break. fbi au

27. sit, stay, play / 1k / explicit

  • Sehun shows off what a good pet he has. exhibitionism, voyeurism, master/pet, daddy kink

28. rising like the smoke, you linger on me / 8k / explicit

  • Jongin smells like he's loved and protected and wanted, and he is—just not the way he wants to be in his weaker, more pathetic moments. omegaverse

29. sunlit / 6k / mature

  • In which Sehun and Jongin are childhood best friends with something stronger than friendship tying them together. 19days au, high school au, feels

30. chrismas in midbury / 9k / explicit

  • Missed opportunities. Wrong turns. Poor choices. They had cost him the most precious person in his life. Maybe he would never fall in love, maybe he would never be ready to let go of Kai. But holding Kai back would be the most selfish thing he could ever imagine doing. He could not drag Kai down with him. 90's au, rentboys/prostitution, angst

31. summer lovin' / 18k / teens & up audiences

  • Summer of 1954. Sehun's new in town, and Jongin shows him around. At least, that's how it starts. 50's au, slice of life, internalised homophobia, fluff

32. gone in the morning / 3k / mature

  • Jongin loves Sehun, but he can't do everything, not when Sehun doesn't tell him anything.

33. and the rest would be pizza and bear / 13k / mature

  • A surprising turn of events on a rather uneventful night lands Kai a precious friendship he wants to treasure for the rest of his life. slice of life, romance

34. my body is your party (nobody's invited but you, baby) / 7k / explicit

  • the one where ceo jongin gets dragged to a strip club and he’s having a lousy time until a pretty boy gets on stage and catches his attention. stripper au, ceo!jongin, pole dancing, lapdancing, come eating, porn with plot

35. let me be your doctor, let me take you home tonight / 4k / explicit

  • the one where sehun loses a bet to Baekhyun and has to wear a sexy nurse costume to a halloween party. crossdressing, porn with plot

36. anathema / series / explicit / • sightless anathema / 53k • enchanting anathema / 60k

  • The wondrous thing about falling in love is that you never know when and with whom you will. Two Princes, two brothers, two soul mates embark on an extraordinary journey and a mystical adventure on which they face brutal obstacles, find love, make unthinkable promises, confront betrayals and abandon hope. twincest: jongin/jongin, medieval royalty au, fantasy

37. call me... (baby? monster? no, call me hyung) / 10k / explicit

  • the hyung kink fic friends to lovers, mutual pining, kinky

38. give me all that you got now / 2k / explicit

  • “D-Daddy, please..!” “You're gonna have to use your words if you want daddy to know what you want, baby.” dom/sub, daddy kink, pwp

39. get a little closer / 4.5k / explicit

  • Sehun's never had a blowjob. Jongin's more than willing to help him out. fwb, best friends, first time blowjobs, fluff

40. internet boyfriends / 2.9k / explicit

  • texting, video call sex, masturbation

41. open heart, close your eyes (kissing strangers) / 2.7k / general

  • Sehun looks up, and suddenly feels like he’s going to pass out when he finds himself staring at his own image on the screen, him and Jongin framed perfectly in the center of the heart filter. kiss cam, first kisses

42. i became the boss for you / 8k / explicit

  • Through years and years of hard work, Jongin finally makes it in the fashion industry. He's rewarded for his hard work at his first ever Paris Fashion Week with the stunning Oh Sehun. Since that day, his life becomes a whirlwind of silks, long legs, and dreams of a greater future. fashion/models au, frottage, rimming, pwp

43. don't / kiss me / 20k / teens & up audiences

  • Crushing on a best friend is never a good idea. When he’s dating another of your friends, it’s even worse. Or, alternatively, Sehun really wants to kiss Jongin but he doesn't want to fuck up his friendship with either Jongin or Chanyeol. poly: sekaiyeol, friends to lovers, mutual pining

44. got me up all night (all i'm singin' is love songs) / 10k / teen & up audiences

  • Tumblr famous ulzzang Sehun and b-boy Jongin meet. tumblr au

45. twenty reasons / 12k / explicit

  • In which Jongin and Sehun are put into an arranged marriage, and have to navigate their first year together. arranged marriage au, light angst, infidelity

46. blackberry eyes / 300 / teen & up audiences

  • "He had blackberry eyes..." synesthesia, psychopathology/sociopathology, mental institution

47. black cloud / 7k / explicit

  • It's Halloween, and Jongin is determined to get over his ex by getting laid. college au, face-fucking

48. wade deep / 20k / explicit

  • In which Sehun is jealous that his best friend turned roommate is spending too much time with Taemin, so he decides to sleep around to get his attention. sekai/everyone, mild slut shaming, threesome, college au, roommates

49. flesh in the law / 5k / explicit

  • Jongin has a reputation as a mysterious tough guy on campus, but in the bedroom he wants nothing more than to be completely dominated. sekai/everyone, college au, semi-public sex

50. cream / 12k / explicit

  • In which Jongin is the CEO of a confectionary company and Sehun is a high-class escort that Jongin hires for an event. A certain chain of events lead to Jongin becoming (probably) the nicest sugar daddy anyone can ask for. escort service, sugar daddy, rimming

51. up the window trellis / 1k / explicit

  • In which Jongin watches too many movies, and Sehun can never say no to him. highschool au, pwp, dry humping

52. tongue tied twisted / 9k / explicit

  • In which Jongin has a crush on his boss's new boyfriend, which wouldn't be so bad if Sehun didn't seem to be just as attracted to him. fashion/models au, office voyeurism, sexual tension

53. we're not who you think / 36k / explicit

  • Sehun scrambled through his roommate survey questions, as he had left them until the last moment, not realizing he had set up the rest of his first year at uni with the answer to one question: Preference toward hybrid roommates (Indifferent). hybrids, enemies to lovers, slow burn, angst, college au

54. i will never let you fall / 3k / not rated

  • romance

55. sweet shiver burn / 9.8k / explicit

  • In which Sehun expects a nerdy roommate and instead gets a roommate he can't stop obsessing about. college roommates au

56. and we'll be running / 18.6k / explicit

  • Sometimes Jongin kisses Sehun like he's making a promise that he can't keep, and Sehun is to much of a sucker to push him away and run. mafia au, romance, angst

57. you're BOOTY-ful / 2.3k / explicit

  • pwp, spanking

58. roommate wanted / 17.8k / explicit

  • Jongin just wanted a roommate. He got a lot more than he bargained for when Sehun entered the picture - but hey, at least rent would be cheaper. college roommates au, awkward sexual situations, first times

59. my best friend is a camboy / 4.2k / explicit

  • In retrospect, Jongin should have known better than to tell Sehun his little secret. camboy!jongin, voyeurism, crossdressing, masturbation

60. anything you synthesize / explicit

  • Not all those who wander are lost. Some only know too well that their place is inside a three-by-eight, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping liquid crystal. futuristic au

61. break my heart in two / 16k / explicit

  • The thing is, Sehun knows the twins a little too well. twincest: jongin/jongin, dp, breathplay, angst, fluff

62. death trap / 4.6k / explicit

  • Maple syrup and rimming. Nuff said. good boy/bad boy, rimming, pwp

63. a dime for a dream / 6k / explicit

  • People like him could dream after all. rentboys, prostitution

64. some kind of wonderful / 1k / explicit

  • Sehun always, always wants to try something. first time

65. cock envy / 21.6k / teens & up audiences

  • Jongin is jealous of all those cocks Sehun has, especially since Jongin’s the one that brought them home. humor, mutual pining, friends to lovers, fluff

66. caution tape romance (ova series) / 8k / mature

  • Sehun's new roommate has a secret. fluff, humor, romance, mutual pining, mild kink

67. 190 mph / general

  • reincarnation, major character death, royalty au, war, romance

68. givin' you the best you ever head / 3k / explicit

  • nerd!jongin

69. to live in ashes / explicit

  • "make a wish," he says, and jongin thinks of hot springs and pain killers and raindrops falling on the dry skin of his face. angst, canon

67. rum pum pum pum / 2k / explicit

  • sehun has an ass that jongin just can't ignore. ass play

68. a falling painter / 8k / general

  • The world will come to Kim Jongin's funeral, but nobody will truly be at his funeral. angst, tragedy, slice of life

69. hands, hands, hair / 3k / explicit

  • Baekhyun thought his boyfriends would never find out about his hair fetish. poly: sekaibaek, threesome, college au

70. kim jongin's guide to loving oh sehun / 7k / mature

71. selective vip / 3k / explicit

  • sehun has shitty friends who force him into a host club on his 18th birthday. he's not even legal. but then again, neither is the host. host clubs, prostitution, first times

72. we're just taller children / 15k / teen up audiences

  • When Joonmyun decides to add Oh Sehun as the sixth member of their crew, Jongin seems to be the only one that has a problem with it. criminals au, heist

73. you for the moment / 1k / teen & up audiences

  • Life in a small town is too limiting for Jongin's dreams after high school, but can he leave his boyfriend Sehun behind? angst

74. everything is beautiful far away / 16k / explicit

  • “We are best friends.” Sehun says out of nowhere. “…So?” “This shoot is different. Would you feel comfortable lying in a bed with me, pretending you are my lover?” exhibitionism, fashion/models au

75. simmer down and pucker up / 7k / teen & up audiences

  • Jongin smiles up at him, tipsy. His cheeks burn -- more from the alcohol than anything else -- and he says, “I can see into the future. I’m in your future.” The man’s laugh is a soft snort. “Okay,” he concedes. “But doesn’t that also mean I’m in your future too?” college au

76. wednesdays are not zen days / 3k / teen & up audiences

  • College librarian Sehun keeps dropping the books he's supposed to be shelving. Jongin has an essay due and he needs Sehun TO STOP. library au, college au, awkward/shy crushes, glasses!jongin, fluff

77. i know your lips like the back of my hands / 3k / mature

  • Sehun claims that he can tell his bandmates apart by their kissing technique alone. The boys want to test it. sehun/everyone: ot9, exhibitionism, voyeurism, lots of kissing

78. rivaux: reboot / 156k / explicit

  • Sehun shows up at the agency with hopes to become someone worthy of holding his surname. He is soon tangled in a messy web with the agency's top-notch, notorious agent Kai. Inspired by ICoS by Ais and Sonny. assassins/hitmen, action/adventure, sexual tension

79. here comes the sun (and i say it's all alright) / 700 / general

  • sehun greets him with a hiccup, a sob threatening to break, but jongin doesn’t ask―doesn’t pester him with what’s wrong or don’t cry or it’s going to be okay because jongin isn’t ever sure if it really will be. hurt/comfort, best friends

80. the windrunner's startrail / 86k / explicit

  • Sehun, a rich, noble-bred Christian. Kai, a peasant, and a pagan. "No. My God wouldn’t call what we had just done an abomination. But if I am an abomination for loving you so, then by the Sweet Lady, I will be honoured to be the damnedest abomination to ever walk the earth." internalised homophobia, religious conflict, forbidden love, heavy angst

81. dysfunctional delight / general

  • misunderstandings are always fun and games. blind dates, crack

82. overlapping worlds / general

  • They live in the same house, in the same space, at the same time. In the same world, but not really.

83. ivy / explicit

  • libary!sex before the search for time. library sex, public sex

84. absentia / explicit

  • Sehun wishes to see the future. He unknowingly jumps in time and loses five years in the past. Slowly, he realizes, he didn't only lose time. He lost a lot. drama, slice of life, romance, angst

85. allegro / explicit

  • there's kai, and then there's jongin, and as reality slips through jongin's fingers like sand as he dances under a single spotlight. ballet au, angst, romance

86. a sinner or a saint / 24k / explicit

  • oh sehun was from a strict christian family. his father was a pastor, who had already decided sehun's life plans for him. When the boy kim jongin, with bleached blonde hair, tattoos covering his body and a couple of piercings moves into the neighborhood, right next door to sehun, his life plan might be altered. sehun is strictly forbidden from associating the rowdy looking boy, who's a 'sinner' in sehun's father's eyes, but sehun is drawn to him, like a moth to a candle. angst, romance, homophobia, good boy/bad boy au

87. 30 day smut challenge / 10k / explicit / ongoing

  • lots of smut of all kinds, jongin/everyone

89. make me lose my breath / 2k / explicit

  • Today, Sehun he wants something he just can’t do by himself, something that he needs Jongin for. college au, dirty talk, breathplay

90. lights, camera, action / 6k / explicit

  • zkdlin has been oohbaby's loyal viewer for over a year now, showering the camboy with praises, compliments, and gifts whenever he wants. zkdlin is the only one who gets to know oohbaby off camera, and soon, he'll get to know him in person, too. camboys, lingerie, age difference, sex toys

91. of cupids & pink things / 5k / explicit

  • Sehun honestly can't think of a better way to reward his boyfriend than to dress up as Cupid. After seeing his outfit, Jongin can only agree. valentine's day, rimming

92. how to cool down / 6k ) explicit

  • On a disgustingly hot day in August, the Freshman dorm's air conditioning breaks. All Sehun wants to do is take a cold shower to cool down, but everyone else has the same idea, and all the showers are full. Luckily he finds someone who will share. college au, shower sex, public sex

93. wet blanket / 1k / explicit

  • kai and sehun are inseparable love/hate

94. fantasy / 3k / explicit

  • Sehun just wanted his prime shower slot back, but what he got was so much more. pwp

95. stakes / 10k / explicit

  • Jongin has no idea how to tell Sehun what he really wants. sexual fantasy, come kink, d/s, facials, rough sex, wet dreams

96. get cocky / 4k / explicit / ongoing

  • Sometimes in the middle of Wednesday, during Global Politics, it occurred to Jongin as he measured along his thigh where the tip of his dick would be if it was as big as Sehun’s, that he spent way too much time thinking about his best friend’s cock. college au, size kink, reverse size kink, dude/bro!sekai, cock worship

97. you're part of a machine (you are not a human being) / 16k / explicit / ongoing

  • It’s the year 2038, and androids have finally become a reality. Machines built to answer to your every need, what could be better? But when androids begin to deviate from their owners by running away, disobeying orders, and even self-destructing, Lieutenant Kim Jongin of the Detroit City Police Department is put on the case to find the root of the deviancy problem. Oh, and he just so happens to be getting a helping hand from an android by the name of Sehun. As they investigate deviant cases together, they end up learning a lot about the world, themselves, and each other. futuristic au, android/human, drama & action, crime scenes, angst, slow burn

98. matcha & honey / series / 25k / explicit

  • In which Sehun stress-bakes, has an unforgettable one-night stand, becomes a frequent flyer, and has unparalleled sexual tension with his very attractive boss. one night stand, rough sex, dom/subred bean brioche with cold brew / 13k / explicit / drama & romance, office sexaffogato / 23k / explicit

99. i want to hold you like you're mine / 4k / explicit

  • In which Sehun plays football and Jongin plays with other people's hearts. major character death, highschool au

100. i'm trying (to laugh) / 3k / general / 2017 valentine's day gift from aesthete to me. thank u ily queen

  • sehun is a self-proclaimed “meme king” on twitter. jongin is an instagram model who endorses detox tea and posts hot selfies. he’s not sure how they ended up this way, either. social media au, college au, humor

101. milk / 5k / explicit

  • ass worship, foreplay, catboy au, mpreg, daddy kink

102. wind me up and make me crawl to you / explicit

  • sehun being into humiliation. humiliation, crossdressing

103. skirts, sweet lips and strawberry kisses / 2k / explicit

  • Sehun dresses up all pretty for Jongin while sucking on a lollipop. Sex ensues. crossdressing, pwp

104. skin flush, lips sweet / 6.6k / explicit

  • Kim Jongin's first time is unlike no other. exhibitionism, voyeurism, first time, overstimulation, sex toys

105. if you go chasing rabbits / 47k / explicit

  • Jongin keeps having strange dreams about one of his classmates. college au, alice in wonderland: madhatter!sehun, white rabbit!jongin, dream sex

106. that's what the storm's all about / 3k / teen & up audiences

  • Sehun doesn’t know whether he should be surprised or not in the least upon seeing the familiar figure balancing on the window sill, one hand resting against the glass with and open palm and the other holding onto a twig of the tree. lost im your orbit au, love me right au

107. lost in your orbit / 66k / explicit

  • They couldn't be more different if they tried. Sehun is rich, snobby, and maybe just a little curious about the world. Jongin's pierced, tattooed, and more tempting than the devil. The union of a good boy and a fuck-up. love me right au, good boy/bad boy, slice of life, romance, bdsm themes

108. sickly sweet synths / 46k / explicit

  • arranged marriage, infidelity: sehun/chanyeol, romance

109. caught between mercury waves / 25k / explicit

  • Sehun is sent to assassinate the youngest prince of the Kim dynasty. But he's caught between failure, southern waters, and the human embodiment of lust that takes form in grey eyes and silver hair. royalty au, exhibitionism, voyeurism, masturbation

110. how to not work in retail / 5k / explicit

  • Sehun really shouldn't be flirting with the customers, but this one is just too hot to resist. non-penetrativs sex, thigh fucking

111. mind if i slither in? / 19k / explicit

  • The population of Mars has a small percentage of aliens, but Jongin doesn't know how to tell them apart from humans, and the locals think its fun to keep the difference secret from newcomers. Meanwhile, Jongin meets the boy of his dreams in the form of his gorgeous, beautiful baseball team captain. college au: sports, tentacles, prostate milking, sci-fi

112. j / 3k / mature

  • Jongin just wants to show the world that Sehun is his. highschool au, romance, fluff

113. show me where your dick's at / 2k / explicit

  • Sehun can't stop thinking about Jongin's dick. size kink

114. the inevitable farewell / 35k / mature

  • Jongin will defy everything if it means carving out more time for Sehun. sci-fi, time travel

115. but i'll protect you for life / 28k / mature

  • All Sehun wants is to feel safe. mafia au, dom/sub, daddy kink, angst, rimming

116. somnambule / 9k / general

  • Sehun acquires a dreamcatcher. Instead of catching dreams, it catches the attention of a dreamwalker. fantasy, dreamwalking, highschool au

117. a deluge in slow-motion / 10k / general

  • Kim Jongin is everything a celebrity should be. He's tall and handsome, and the dark waves of his hair look soft under the sunlight. He limps with the ease of someone who knows his body well. Sehun wonders if it's because he's a performer that he's able to keep a smile on his face, despite the way his face tenses at the bumps and the way his leg hangs between each of his steps. slice of life, fluff and angst, physical therapy

118. one for the road / 17k / mature

  • “Not only is this road trip a celebration of their last year of college, but it’s a celebration of their friendship. There’s just one teeny, tiny, little problem: Jongin may-or-may-not be in love with his best friend.” road trip au

119. office hours (let's work on it, baby) / 11k / explicit

  • Sehun and Jongin are CEO and secretary. They're fuck buddies, too, no strings attached. office au, fwb, romance, angst

120. if you wanna play it like a game / 14k / explicit

  • Curiosity driven by sexual frustration and over a month’s worth of temptation is bound to lead to sin.

121. in theory / 12k / explicit

  • jongin wonders what a finger in his ass would feel like and sehun wonders if ramen is back in stock on mondays. high school au, first times, dude/bro!sekai

122. butter fingers / 4k / explicit

  • kai thinks the world was created for idealistic safety and optimism while sehun thinks kai hasn’t smelled enough burnt powder yet to enjoy danger. gun play

123. attaché / 16k / explicit

  • there were supposed to be no strings attached, but all jongin became was attached. he didn’t realise when he fell or how hard the thought of sehun with someone else would hurt, but it does and - he feels numb. fwb, friends to lovers

124. blow out your candles / 3k / explicit

  • sehun's friends hire a lapdancer for his birthday, but that isn't quite the present he receives. (he may also get a boyfriend out of the bargain) birthday sex

125. daylight robbery / series / explicit

  • series of one-shots set in an au wherein sehun and jongin are ceos of their own family companies. ceo au

126. endgame / 16k / explicit

  • sleeping with the lover of east asia's most dangerous arms dealer wasn't one of oh sehun's brightest ideas. mafia au

127. double trouble / 6k / explicit

  • twincest: sehun/sehun, daddy kink, threesome

128. feeling this / 5k / explicit

  • with a little incentive from his friends, sehun helps jongin step out of his comfort zone.

129. you like it wet (and so do i) / 3k / explicit

  • in retrospect, if sehun had known the delivery man from ups was going to give him the greatest enhancement to his sex life in the history of everything ever, he probably would not have greeted him with the waffle iron face. crossdressing, daddy kink

130. you know where to find me / 3k / explicit

  • no one at school questions sehun. crossdressing

131. xciv / 4k / explicit

  • in which jongin gets a humanoid for his birthday, and sehun turns out to be the best gift ever. android/human

132. when i think about you (i touch myself) / 3k / mature

  • Jongin has been watching the man in the neighboring apartment building for quite some time. voyeurism

133. we're on sugar high, baby / 4k / explicit

  • sehun falls in love too easily, has an asshole as a best friend and likes sugar.

134. spin dry, tumble dry / 3k / explicit

  • laundry day is a bit overrated. it's a lot more fun when you do it at night.

135. the art of seduction (oh sehun style) / 8k / explicit

  • where sehun falls for jongin, his new college roommate, and luhan is absolutely no help. college roommates au

136. the perks of dating kim jongin / 6k / explicit

  • in which chanyeol makes a powerpoint and sehun can’t hold his alcohol.

137. the tails of kai / series / 25k / explicit

  • When Sehun comes home there's a stray cat on his back porch. A handsome, somewhat foul tempered stray, and even though lots of people say not to feed stray cats, Sehun doesn't see the harm. cat/human hybrids

138. toilet stop / 22k / explicit

  • kim jongin, or for his friends ‘kai’, and his best buddy byun baekhyun were destined to share their hotel room, on their trip to beijing, with two boys of the class they didn’t quite know well yet: park chanyeol and oh sehun. but since the boys were only sophomores of their high school, several toilet stops on their journeys were necessary. and during those toilet stops jongin got to know sehun’s true self. high school au, school trip

139. unlined & electric / 3k / explicit

  • for all intents and purposes, jongin is considered to be one of victoria’s secret’s most prolific models. fashion/models au, fem!sekai

140. untangle me / 6k / explicit

  • jongin doesn’t do one-night-stands, and sehun isn’t a bottle of fine wine, but he’ll have to do anyways. one night stand

141. walk of shame / 1k / explicit

  • jongin keeps catching sehun right after showers.

142. up close and personal / 7k / explicit

  • Who knew bboi88 aka his nerdy online gaming friend Kim Jongin was actually the famous Youtube and Instagram star Kai? Sehun certainly didn’t. online friends

143. so caught up in you / 6k / explicit

  • jongin tells himself there's nothing special about sehun, but he's always been a bad liar. high school au

145. slices of summer / 1k / explicit

  • Sehun and his boyfriend Jongin try to beat the summer heat. scaterboy!jongin, summer vacation au, established relationship

146. five finger salute / 1k / explicit

  • "sekai fisting lol jesus.docx" fisting

147. fermata the blue / 17k / explicit

  • Sehun immediately feels threatened by the new intern. He's used to being the only hot young intern, and the addition of a second might make him irrelevant. He decides the only solution is to give the poor new guy a really hard time. But Jongin's got a few of his own tricks up his sleeve. office intern au, asshole!sehun, eventual smut, power bottom

148. happy endings / 1k / explicit

  • baby's first porno viewing (d)evolves into messy masturbation. masturbation

149. hey there, summer boy / 7k / mature

  • not everyone kisses a stranger and meets kim jongin in one summer; sehun is not everyone. summer au

150. hundred dollar kisses / 6k / mature

  • sehun deals in pain while jongin deals in pleasure. angst

151. it's in my bones / 800 / explicit

  • its a little different with them

152. jingle my bells / 5k / explicit

  • "Hey Sehun, if you jingle my bells I can promise you a white Christmas." pwp

152. kkangpae(깡패) / 14k / explicit

  • mafia au, dirty talk, spanking, orgasm denial, slight bondage, rimming, branding, hematolagnia, knife play, breath play, forced exhibitionism, gun play, russian roulette, rough sex

153. knock-out, baby / series / mature

  • a series of one-shots set in an au wherein sehun and jongin are college boyfriends! college au

154. let's go all the way tonight (no regrets, just gay) / 5k / explicit

  • kiss him and see.” who knew those four simple words would lead to super high school level sex? well written crack fic, rimming, best friends to lovers

155. love is patient / 3k / explicit

  • The whole world could be against them, but as long as Jongin has Sehun’s love, everything will be okay. troubled!sekai, romanticising of depression, self harm

156. melt your body / 1k / explicit

  • he's so desperate, sehun wants to laugh. bdsm, crossdressing, daddy kink, orgasm denial, sex toys

157. mess you up (indulge in you) / 2k / explicit

  • He shouldn't have let Sehun talk him into it. Or rather, back him into a corner and sexually arouse him into saying 'yes' with Sehun's knee between his legs; which is accompanied by a series of dirty whispers that Sehun knows worked to his advantage. sex toys, begging, voyeurism, exhibitionism, pwp

158. multiplication / 3k / explicit

  • 2 sehuns and 2 jongins, selfcest

159. never doubt i love / 11k / explicit

  • Jongin has watched Sehun go through boyfriend after boyfriend, scumbag after scumbag, and it’s killing him. It’s hard enough to see it happen to your best friend, let alone the boy you’re in love with. high school au, hurt/comfort, best friends to lovers

160. nine-tenths of the law / 1k / explicit

  • Sehun has always been a little possessive, but luckily, Jongin likes to be owned. collars

161 no more but(t) / 2k / explicit

  • Bathtub!sex inspired by the lightsaber MV. Also, Jongin being obsessed by Sehun's ass. That's it. That's the fic. bathtub sex, ass worship, established relationship

162. blond ambition / 4k / explicit

  • It's Sehun's birthday, and he just really wants to see Jongin with blond hair. college au, fwb, dude/bro!sekai

163. nothing but summer / 32k / explicit

  • While lifeguarding on the beach, Sehun has to deal with the obnoxious guys from his class who think they can skimboard. One is Kris, who he's had a crush on for years. Another is cute, flirty Jongin, who might be just what he needs to get over him. lifeguard!sehun, first time, comeplay, edging, beach au

164. oils and acrylics / 6k / explicit

  • When Oh Sehun meets Kim Jongin, he thinks he's found the most valuable piece of art for his collection. rimming, age difference

165. open mind / 4k / explicit

  • Jongin can't control when the feeling hits him. It doesn't matter what he's doing or who he's with, it creeps up on him like an old friend and worst enemy rolled into one. He knows, when he starts to feel the low strum of heat in his tummy, that he doesn't have long. His hyungs try to help, but he's searching for something he won't find with them, searching for one person who's not there. asexual character, hurt/comfort, fluff, angst

166. pseudologia fantastica, or something along those lines / 7k / explicit

  • jongin is a nympho and sehun doesn't really know what to do about that, but he fucks jongin a lot, and it's painful. rollercoaster of emotions, angst, major character death (emotionally removed/not explicit), fuck buddies, fuckedup!jongin

167. purr for me, baby / 2k / explicit

  • When master is away, the kittens will play. cat/human hybrid

168. untangle me / 6k / explicit

  • Sehun was in the middle of enjoying the party when he gets issued a challenge: go upstairs where someone is handcuffed to a bed and fuck them, no matter who they are. Sehun accepts. strangers to lovers, bondage

169. two of a kind / 2k / explicit

  • Jongin just wants to nap but Sehun has other ideas. cat/human hybrids, mating cycle/ in heat

170. skydive / 2k / explicit

  • ...and it feels like flying. romance, canon

171. (you're my) winter heat / 14.8k / general

  • Jongin has always been in love with his best friends’ love. But when it comes to himself, he doesn't know if he’s even capable of having it, especially through some app called Tinder. slice of life, super super fluffy

172. lovesick, the beat inside my head / 7k / explicit

  • Jongin plays football. They're crazily good at what they do. They are also horribly in love with each other, and everyone knows it. college au, sports, fluff and smut, established relationship

173. you grow gardens in me / 10k / explicit

  • Before love stories can be epic, they have to begin. college au, sports, how sekai get together in fic #172

174. roughhousing / 7k / explicit

  • Sehun's worst nightmare is coming true: he has to film a video with the biggest asshole he's ever met in his life, Kim Jongin. pornstars, unresolved sexual tension, lingerie

175. three men in a hot tub / 7k / explicit

  • Chanyeol and Jongin's onsen trip takes a turn when they meet a pretty boy in the men's bath. threesome: sehun/jongin/chanyeol, public sex, reverse size kink, groping

176. just relax / 3k / explicit

  • Sehun finds a way to mess up Jongin's tempo. exhibitionism, hair pulling, rough sex, bratty sehun + grumpy jongin

177. soulbinder / ongoing / explicit

  • When Sehun binds his soul to an Alpha in a Regnandi pack, he is only fifteen. Over the years, one tragedy after another leaves him forlorn and abandoned, his soul still longing for its binder. As an androgynous Omega in an Aequus pack, Sehun has no chance of becoming an Alpha's mate. And his soulbinder is not going to risk expatriation from his pack and family by accepting an Aequus for a mate. omegaverse, soulmates, fluff, angst & heartbreak

178. red / 7k / explicit

  • After nearly a week of nightmares, the beautiful face that greeted him in his dream felt too good to be true. horror, selfcest: jongin/jongin, threesome: sehun/jongin/jongin

179. full throttle / 13k / explicit

  • Jongin's life is simple. He spends his days at his auto shop and his nights at the biker bar, and whenever he races, he always walks away with a win and a fatter wallet. His Ducati has been the love of his life for years. But things change somewhat when a new biker comes into town and challenges the status quo right off the bat. bikers au, slow build, friends to lovers, piercings & tattoos, rimming, riding

180. tell 'em / 2k / general

  • Sehun inhales deeply and his chest aches with the warm weight of Jongin in his arms. surfer bros, friends to lovers, bromance

181. run the heart / 4k / general / part 2/prequel of #180: tell 'em

  • Sehun had first met Jongin when he was six and his father had decided to humor his obsession with surfing with a trip to the local surf shop on his birthday. surfer bros

182. what's your game / 76k / explicit

  • Sehun likes to smoke and drink but what he really loves is feeling a nice deck of cards shifting between his fingers. When he brings the beauty who sleeps in the subway home one night, he had no idea what's waiting for him—doesn't know what sort of world the hustler will draw him into. passionate romance, miscommunication, hustlers au, action

183. 'tis the nightingale and not the lark / 12k / general

  • Happily ever afters just don't always happen. mafia au, romeo & juliet au

184. what crime did commit, officer? / 3k / explicit

  • Sehun doesn't know what crime he's committed, but after seeing the hot deputy, he'd gladly do it again. police au, outer space, spanking

185. just relax / 3k / explicit

  • Sehun finds a way to mess up Jongin's tempo. hair pulling, exhibitionism, rough sex, bratty sehun

186. run and gun / 4k / explicit

  • Jongin gets hurt, Sehun takes care of him. Except not really. gun play, criminals (heist men)

187. talk dirty to me / 9k / explicit • part 1 of 5, all parts are standalone

  • Best friends Kai and Sehun go to a party and end up more than a little tipsy. After a dare goes further than Kai expects (and he learns an interesting new thing about himself), he’s worried about what Sehun will think of him. Little does he know that Sehun is more than willing to help him through his… hard time. high school au, best friends

188. every rose has its thorn / 14k / explicit • part 2: TDTM

  • After spending their last summer together before college, Kai and Sehun agree that it would be best to end what they have going on between them in order to experience college life to the fullest. When Kai brings a “new friend” home with him for Christmas break, however, Sehun quickly decides that that may have been a big mistake. confession, jealous!sehun

189. spring break / 2k / explicit • part 3: TDTM

  • It's their last night of spring break, and Kai asks Sehun to try something new. pwp

191. antici... / 4k / explicit • part 4: TDTM

  • Sehun convinces Kai to enter a costume contest with him. Sehun really likes Kai's costume. halloween, crossdressing

191. yes, obviously / 6k / explicit • part 5: TDTM

  • Sehun and Kai have been perfectly happy together for three years, so why is Sehun suddenly making every excuse he can think of to avoid seeing his boyfriend? marriage proposal, fluff

192. 'til the veins run red and blue / 4k / explicit

  • Kim Jongin is a young ambitious doctor but everyone has skeletons in their closets. doctors au, friends with benefits

193. high tide / 18k / explicit

  • Or, alternatively entitled, ‘I Really Hate My Life But Mostly Oh Sehun.’ Jongin is just your average, run-of-the-mill horny college kid who’s in love with his average, run-of-the-mill horny best friend, Sehun. Surely life isn’t supposed to be this hard? angst, friends with benefits
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