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  • "what is to give light must endure burning." — viktor frankl
  • "and all i loved, i loved alone." — edgar allan poe
  • "i surrender my desire to be healed." — richard siken
  • “be the flame, not the moth.” ― giacomo casanova
  • “i talk to god but the sky is empty.” ― sylvia plath
  • “the earth laughs in flowers.” ― ralph waldo emerson
  • “well-behaved women seldom make history.” ― laurel thatcher ulrich
  • "intoxicated with madness, i'm in love with my sadness." — sylvia plath
  • “mermaids don't drown.” ― suzanne palmieri
  • “shame is the lie someone told you about yourself.” ― anaïs nin
  • "i sing of hera: pomegranate, lotus flowers, lions, thrones." — unknown
  • “and so being young and dipped in folly, i fell in love with melancholy.” ― edgar allan poe
  • “if you feel everything intensely, ultimately you feel nothing at all.” ― elizabeth wurtzel
  • “every window in alcatraz has a view of san francisco.” — susanna kaysen
  • "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak." — matthew 26:41
  • "one can't build little white picket fences to keep the nightmares out." — anne sexton
  • one man's devil is another's god — sylvia plath
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