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my start date: 23/02/2017

  • day one: your favorite female character: penelope featherington (the bridgertons)
  • day two: your favorite male character: draco malfoy (harry potter books)
  • day three: a character that looks like you: ginny weasley(harry potter books)
  • day four: a character that you identify yourself with: lena morrisey (stage dive)
  • day five: the most beautiful character: daniel grigori (fallen)
  • day six: a character that you hate: dolores umbridge (harry potter books)
  • day seven: a male crush: jimmy ferris (stage dive)
  • day eight: a female crush: ariane alter (fallen)
  • day nine: a character with a great sence of style: clary fray (the mortal instruments)
  • day ten: a character with good taste in music: mal ericson (stage dive)
  • day eleven: the best couple: colin bridgerton and penelope featherington (the bridgertons)
  • day twelve: a gay/lesbian character: alec lightwood (the mortal instruments)
  • day thirteen: a song that reminds you of a character: la cama - Gin (ho voglia di te)
  • day fourteen: a character that disappointed you: alvo dumbledore (harry potter books)
  • day fifteen: a character that surprised you: aurélia camargo (senhora)
  • day sixteen: a character who made you cry: sirius black (harry potter books)
  • day seventeen: a character who made you laught: colin bridgerton (the bridgertons)
  • day eighteen: a character who you will always remember somehow: theo (florence and giles)
  • day nineteen: if you could bring any character to life, who would it be? daniel smythe-smith(the smythe-smith quartet)
  • day twenty: the most romantic character? cam briel (fallen)
  • day twenty one: a badass character? emma (miss peregrine's home for peculiar childrens)
  • day twenty two: a character you would trust your life? harry potter (harry potter books)
  • day twenty three: a ginger character? lilith (unforgiven)
  • day twenty four: a blond character? lula landry (the cuckoo's calling)
  • day twenty five: a brunette character? gat patil (we were liars)
  • day twenty six: a character that you don't like from your favorite book? severus snape (harry potter)
  • day twenty seven: the best kisser? anthony bridgerton (the viscount who loved me)
  • day twenty eight: a character that you don't like their love story? cadence and gat (we were liars)
  • day twenty eight: a very talented character joe fontaine (the sky is everywhere)
  • day third: a character that you would want to be lily luna potter (harry potter and the cursed child)
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