• Call my parents without them calling me first. Seriously, I'm a bad daughter.
  • Buy and mail my little brothers birthday gift in the next week as his birthday is the 8th. What do you bet for a boy turning 17? Eeek!! My little brothers turning 17!!!
  • Finish my application for the teachers Ed. program.
  • Meet with my advisor.
  • Register for classes for next fall/ maybe summer.
  • Put windshield wipers on my car.
  • Get my transmission checked and probably fixed as there is going to be like a million things wrong with it that I can't afford.
  • Finish all my fafsa crap, which I hate and is taking FOREVER...
  • Paint my desk black.
  • But an Easter dress with money I don't ha...
mar 28 2010 ∞
mar 28 2010 +
  • Wasting time.
  • BS-ing my way in classes.
  • I USED to be a good at my job. Hopefully still am.
  • Having a relationship with my family. Except my Mom some of the time.
  • Organizing events.
  • Worrying about things.
  • Playing flute.
  • Playing with my nephews and nieces. (favorite thing in the whole world)
  • I like to pretend like I'm good at listening and being there for my friends.
  • Doing crafty things.
jan 24 2010 ∞
jan 24 2010 +
  • Homeschooled
  • Covenant Academy

It was an 'academy' of homeschoolers, but it counts

  • Sparkle school

What my best friends called their school, essentially still just homeschooling, but it wasn't my Mom teaching me

  • Online tutorials

It was a school online that had classes over the speakers, and we all met up in a chat room. pretty cool actually

  • Billings Senior High
  • MSU Billings
  • Minot State University

So basically I have been homeschooled, public schooled, private schooled, tutored, online and pretty much every other form ...

nov 16 2009 ∞
nov 16 2009 +
list icon
  • Going home this weekend :)
  • Meeting my new niece Lydia soon.
  • Starting "My sisters Keeper" which I just got in the mail.
  • The door decorations I am making for my girls for Halloween.
  • Someday teaching kids how to speak good.
  • Turning 21
oct 21 2009 ∞
oct 21 2009 +
  • My church and playing with the worship team
  • The super cool people that I worked with
  • My super cool friends
  • Sitting on the rims in the dark
  • my bedroom
  • Having people over to my house
  • BWW nights
  • OTL
  • Coffee with Jess
  • Coffee with Adriana
  • Knowing people at the grocery store
  • People who knew me and where I come from
  • Living with my older sister
  • Hanging with Riss and Ev in-between classes
  • Sunday Funday
  • Open Forum
  • Leading my YG girls
oct 21 2009 ∞
oct 21 2009 +
list icon
  • The fact that I'm a pushover. I need to learn to say no.
  • The fact that I have let my brain die. I need to stop watching hulu and start reading again.
  • The fact that I dress like I'm still in high school. Time for me to grow up and become a girl.
  • The fact that I have to belong to every group. If I feel like I'm not part of one, it really bothers me and I get jealous. I don't even really want to be a part of most of them, it just bothers me when I'm not.
  • The fact that I don't like skiing. I really really really want to, but I just don't.
  • The fact that I'm really good at eating, just not so much the exercise part. Need to fix that stat.
  • My anger/resentment/bitterness. I know I ...
jan 24 2010 ∞
jan 26 2010 +
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • 10 things I hate about you
  • Roman Holiday
  • Sabrina
  • Miss Congeniality
  • 13 going on 30
  • Little Women
  • Sound of Music
  • Princess Bride
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Little Mermaid
  • Sense and Sensibility
  • Benny and Joon
  • You've got Mail
  • Joe Vs. the Volcano
dec 2 2009 ∞
dec 2 2009 +
list icon
  • My favorite people all live 6+ hours from me.
  • I had to leave Billings. It was insanely sad. I cried.
  • Homework.
  • Catching up on stuff I am behind on.
  • Silly RA drama.
  • Girls on my floor that moved off my floor cause I'm pretty sure they hate me as their RA.
  • Girls in the building that are super loud that make me be a bitch to them and make them be quite at 1 in the morning when I'm trying to sleep.
  • Nice boys that I like that don't like me back.
  • Nice boys that like me that I don't like back, then I feel like a jerk.
  • The fact that I left my cell phone charger back in Billings so I have to buy a new one cause I pretty much need my phone.
oct 26 2009 ∞
oct 26 2009 +
list icon


  • Mountains
  • My Family
  • Stars
  • My Vowell girls
  • My friends
  • My Church
  • Colorful nail polish
  • Bridie Boo and Callie Kokomo
  • playing my flute
  • Reading a good book
  • taking pictures
  • coffee dates
  • rain
  • grace
  • Singing
  • camping
  • dancing
  • Cheeze-its
  • Backpacking
  • Lakes
oct 21 2009 ∞
nov 12 2009 +
  • When people thing they're funny and they're NOT.
  • People who think they are always right. Nobody is right 100% of the time.
  • Drama queens. Not every little thing is a big deal, and it's not all about you.
  • selfishness. I know were all selfish, but you can have a shred of respect for other people.
  • Vulgarity. You don't have to be a prude, but it makes other people uncomfortable if your dirty and swear ALL THE TIME and there is no need for it. So stop. Everyone will respect you more for it.
jan 26 2010 ∞
jan 26 2010 +
list icon
  • His cheesy jokes
  • His wonderful stories
  • His silliness

He once sprayed a whole group of junior high students with his windshield wipers because they were screwed up on his car and pointed the wrong way. He didn't get it fixed for a long time because he had so much fun with it.

  • The way he knocked on the table when he was done with his turn when we played rummicube
  • Mowing the lawn with him
  • Picking strawberries and tomatoes with him from his garden
  • His crochet set
  • How he held Grandmas hand

He would always tell us about how they went on hay ride before they were dating and he found her hand in the hay.

dec 3 2009 ∞
dec 3 2009 +
  • Biscuits and gravy
  • scrambled eggs and toast
  • homemade cinnamon bread
  • cranberry almond crunch
  • french toast
  • cold pizza
  • Life
  • cinnamon toast crunch
  • apple jacks
  • pancakes
  • cinnamon and sugar toast
nov 16 2009 ∞
nov 16 2009 +
list icon
  • My family
  • Lydia, Eco, and Lewis, my nephew and nieces :)
  • Kelly
  • Karla
  • Kerry Lou
  • Larissa and Evan (Love you individually and together;)
  • Erin
  • Jamie
  • Adriana
  • Rachel
  • Ashlee
  • Laurie
  • Issac
  • My Vowell Boys
  • My buddy Hoiness
  • My Sunday Funday crew
  • So should not have started this list...
  • Jess S.
  • The many other Jessicas in my life
oct 21 2009 ∞
oct 22 2009 +