• 2/25/11- Ride to and from Asheville with Jill. She used to go to Warren Wilson and is a friend of Marshall's roommate. She was great! We talked about pokemon and video games and sustainability. She used to be in a pokemon training card league when she was younger and the winners would actually get badges. HOW COOL IS THAT! We need to hang out next year.
  • 3/4/11- Ride to Asheville with Jennifer. Hitched on the intersection of Stadium Drive and Rivers street. She was nice and talked to me about film festivals and beekeeping. Had a snake skin on her dashboard. Legitimately forgot to give her money and I feel bad. Saw her at a party and told her I was sorry but still have not paid her.
  • 4/21/11- Ride to Asheville with Rachel. Hitched on the intersection of Stadium Drive and Rivers Street. Asked me if I was crazy since I had just come from my presentation about 90s punk bands and I was dressed as Billie Joe Armstrong (black hair and eyeliner). We sang lots of good music together but got too into the duet of "Home" Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and almost crashed. REALLY CLOSE! But it was still funny, and no damage to her car (Barbara?).
  • 4/24/11- Ride to Boone with Andrew and Kilby. Hitched on Interstate 40 eastbound. They were big stones. Talked to Kilby a bit when we stopped at a McDonalds but Andrew was almost completely silent the entire ride. Their seat belt buckles were hidden in the cracks of the seats, COULD NOT GET THEM. Didn't want to make a scene so I just wrapped the seatbelt around my body. They kept throwing cigarette butts out the window.
  • 9/4/11- Ride to Stephen's apartment from the bottom of the hill. We walked to the bottom of the hill but we were kind of drunk and did not want to walk back up so yeah hitched like 1/8 of a mile. We pretended we had Minnesotan accents on that 2 minute drive and when he asked me where I was from I said Pennsylvania and I said "I mean yeah yanno I'm originally from Minnesota. O gosh. O geez." Yep we are cool.
  • 11/13/11- At a party and I was feeling really weird because I had been sitting outside when a man came and vomited next to me and then asked why I was alone. I said I didn't really like parties and he asked if I was gay (because gay people are all antisocial) and then apologized because being asked if you are gay when you are not is a really big insult (yeah). It was Stephen's birthday and i didn't want to complain for him to take me home since he was having a good time so got a ride with some ECU kids who tried to sell me weed.
  • Don't remember when- Me and Stephen were at a really dumb party and decided to walk home. Two people picked us up and tried to take us to another party but it was being busted so they just took us back to Stephen's apartment. Kind of forgot about this but while I was auditioning for Big Love a girl came up to me and asked, "Do you hitchhike a lot?" and it turned out to be her. Alison Collins
  • 7/2?/12- Around 11:00 AM outside of Pittsburgh. He was going to see his 4 year old son in West Virginia. He and his wife were not on good terms and there was a lot of legal troubles he had to go through in order to see him. He rolled cigarettes while he was driving and talked about government conspiracy theories. Big weirdo. Asked me if I had any weed. Dropped me off outside of Morgantown.
  • 7/2?/12- On the highway for about 10 minutes when a police officer pulls over. He scanned my ID to make sure that I wasn't wanted. He said I couldn't stand on the side of the highway. Gave me a ride 5 minutes down the road to a gas station, where I bought an East Coast map.
  • 7/2?/12- Waited at the gas station for a half hour. A very large man in a very large truck picked me up. He was a veteran, and spent most of his time in Central America, specifically Panama. He had been shot twice and stabbed 7 times. He explained that he wasn't afraid of picking up hitchhikers because if they threatened him, he would be able to take care of himself. Even though this was a little bit threatening, I wasn't nervous at all. He was a widower, his wife had died when their motorcycle collided with a deer. He had some huge scars from that crash. He has been to Quaker Steak and Lube before. Huge biker. He wasn't going the direction I had planned on going, but it would take me closer to a major highway so I figured why not? Dropped me off at a gas station somewhere in West Virginia.
  • 7/2?/12- About 7 PM Dave pulled over in his camper. Dave was an antique salesman, on his way to an auction in North Carolina. He was going within one hour of Boone. We had a lot of really great conversations. He's picked up quite a few hitchhikers throughout his life. He went to UNCC and majored in theatre performance. Now he lives in Charleston, South Carolina with his partner Jorge. While driving through Charleston, West Virginia, the tire to his trailer blew out. I stayed with the trailer while he drove his van to a K-mart next to the highway. There weren't any tires that matched, so we called a tow truck and he got a hotel room for the two of us for the night (he even got one with two beds). The next day it took us a while to get the whole tire situation sorted out, but we were back on the road shortly. There was really bad traffic on the highway, so Dave had to take an alternate route and drop me off about an hour and half from Boone.
  • 7/2?/12- Scary woman drove me 5 miles down the road to a truck stop. She was smoking the whole time and made me play her songs on the ukulele. After her I didn't want to hitch anymore, so I called Stephen and got to Boone no problem.
  • 9/?/12- Got really sick of a very stupid party so I decided to walk home, which was a bout a mile away. After a couple minutes I decided I might as well stick out my thumb just in case. Almost immediately a car pulled over at it was Duvey, a bearded man whom I had never actually met, but had friended me on facebook recently. We both knew a lot of the same people but had never actually met. He is really nice and I'm glad I met him because he then had me over for Thanksgiving since very few people stayed in Boone.

It has been too long I want to hitch again!

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