• Alternate reality where almost everything about gender roles is reversed.
  • THE PARTS OF AUTUMN AND STEVE SHOULD NEVER BE PLAYED BY TWO WHITE PEOPLE. People that play Autumn and Steve are also college students who are in the rest of the play.
  • Story takes place in a Men's Studies college class that is analyzing literature through a masculinist lens.
  • Opening scene is in the bible right before the fall. Steve is the one eats the apple and commits original sin. Many people view men as disobedient, weak willed, and prone to temptation.
  • Men are thereafter given the punishment of a painful childbirth.
  • When men become pregnant the baby grow inside their testicles and they give birth through their penis. As the baby grows men must get special pants with a large sack to fit their enlarged testicles in.
  • Men get periods and bleed out of their penises. They have to use tampons (maybe think of a different word).
  • When men give birth they have to breast feed the babies. Maybe they grow extra nipples on their biceps. Bigger biceps are seen by many women as super hot and many men get bicep jobs. It is socially unacceptable for men to show their biceps in public, even when they are bicep feeding their infants. If men want to run shirtless they must cover their biceps with bicep bands. Women's breasts are completely fine and not sexualized. (this might be hard to do though since in reality our society does sexualize breasts. The audience might still contain men who would just stare at women's breasts and not pay attention to the play. I don't know).
  • Throughout the play there should be instances of shirtless women jogging/playing frisbee in the park and it is not addressed by any of the main characters because it is so normal.
  • "My boyfriend has been so nasty to me today he must be on his period."
  • Hector of Troy, whose face launched a thousand ships. Completely female armies battling over this beautiful boy.
  • There are women in the college class that ask why exactly there isn't a Women's Studies major/department at their school. "Women are oppressed too! Misogyny is real!" All the men in the room are really offended and annoyed address her sexist statements eloquently but she does't get it.
  • Throughout the play there are a lot of references to normalized sexism within American society. Female Doctoresses, Lawresses, and Actresses make much more money than their male counterparts.
  • There will definitely be a scene with the college students at a party and girls flirting/harassing a boy until he feels so uncomfortable he leaves the party. While hes walking home two girls are walking behind him and start hollering things at him "Show us your biceps!" 'd love to see what's under those jeans." He gets out his mace and ignores them.
  • Also two boys making out with each other and girls surrounding them are screaming/very pleased.
  • I guess man was created from the rib of a woman. The term man is a derivative of woman, but much like the word "man", man is incomplete. Man is seen as less than woman because he is only part of her, his essence is only a fraction of her essence.
  • Womankind
  • The gender neutral term "guys" doesn't exist, instead everyone says "ladies"
  • Women constantly make fun of men's dicks and how weak/vulnerable they are.


  • First scene is garden of Eden before the fall. Opens right after Steve eats the fruit. Maybe he is running around naked covering his crotch with his hands. Autumn is looking for him and he throws an apple at her and yells EAT THIS! This scene should be longer but afterward it transitions to the college class where the class is disecting the language in the bible in regards to men and women.
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