• "hey boy, I can see your body moving, half animal, half man" -shakira, "hips don't lie"
  • "I love you like a fat kid loves cake" -50 cent, "21 questions"
  • "I'd do anything just to feel your butt" -ludacris, in "lovers and friends" with usher and lil jon
  • "look, there she is wit some boy shorts on" -usher, "same girl"
  • "order chinese food right before you do me" -usher, "trading places"
  • "do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting in the wind" -katy perry, "firework"
  • "let me see you shake it like you got no bones in your body" -wyclef jean, "perfect gentlemen"
  • "I'ma disrobe you, then I'ma probe you" -kanye west, "extraterrestrial"
  • to be continued

as you may have noticed, usher has really quality lyrics

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