• godzilla (my cat, obv)
  • grendel (dog)
  • napoleon (cat)
    • also margaret thatcher (cat) and trotsky (dog)
    • winston (cat)
  • sweet jenny pancake (dog that got hit by car when allyn massey was tripping on acid)
  • sausage and picture frame (our late guinea pigs, named by my cousin at age 5) (thanks Abby)
  • pocket (or pocky)
  • ray lewis (small dog owned by large man who helped the taxi man and me push the taxi)
  • ghost cat
  • sprout (Niles's miniature schnauzer)
  • willow-buster-kentucky gentleman-prune (our kitty boo)
  • hot dog and bean (cat set)
mar 10 2010 ∞
feb 3 2012 +