Emaris is a strange world full of wonder. Much like our own world, people live out their daily lives together as time progresses. But this is on the surface — in reality, there is something darker and much deeper that goes unseen by the naked eye. At some point in Emaris’ history, the dark spirit Death emerged from the depths of the world and threatened its very existence with its power. But then the Light stepped in to balance out this evil power, and began to set the world’s new rules.

Every hundred years, several children would be selected to prevent Emaris’ destruction. These children were then given one of five elemental powers, and the powers of light or darkness. They were also given a gemstone to help them control their abilities, though no one is sure how this worked. These children would train until they finally became ready to face their...

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  • Cycle I
    • Leonik Curaisen
    • Lancel Curaisen
    • Xi Zoriana Naé Kodaiya I
    • Farynia Tenshaneis
    • Drakoto
  • Cycle II
    • Iyaris Cardineus
    • Airiya Wyndris
    • Rune Igniro
    • Farynia Tenshaneis
    • Oleana Cardineus
    • Drakoto
  • Cycle III
    • Rani Aurenye
    • Areni Loréson
    • Ashento Rhymonus
    • Mae Rhymonus
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Worldrunner Group - Peoples with mostly human characteristics.

  • Earthtreaders
    • The most Common people of Emaris. They have few special abilities, being very balanced overall. Some can use basic magic, but these are rare individuals and usually are hunted for their powers.
  • Windwhispers
    • A people with long, pointed ears and acute hearing. They can even hear the whispers of the wind — hence their name. They have powerful magical abilities, and tend to carry some royal blood.
  • Forestdwellers
    • A people residing in Emaris’ forests. They have pointed ears and sharp hearing, albeit not quite as good as Windwhispers’...
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Linkstones take the physical forms of precious gemstones which a stoneholder keeps on their person at all times. Every Cycle member has a stone associated with them that represents their personality. The current stoneholder may communicate with a previous stoneholder’s spirit (if their stones match).

A much more negative effect, however, is that the current stoneholder inherits all of the previous stoneholders’ permanent physical injuries — usually to a much lesser extent, but due to the strange nature of Linkstones, there is a chance that such an injury could worsen for the inheritor.

  • Amber
  • Amethyst
  • Diamond
  • Emerald
  • Garnet
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This is a full list of locations shown or mentioned in World of Emaris.

  • Fields of Emara
    • The central field of Emaris. It connects all of the major locations in this world. A large, open field filled with various flowers and few trees.
  • Elemysral Village
    • A small village to the southeast of Emaris. Home to the majority of the Earthtreader population. A quiet but friendly town where smiles are abundant.
    • The Holy Feathertree
      • At the center of Elemysral Village. Not much is known about it, but according to legend, the tree leads up to a mysterious village home to the few remaining Featherdancers. Inaccessible by Worldrunners unl...
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Light and Death are two god-like figures in Emarisian lore. The two play a very important role in the World of Emaris series.

  • Light
    • The Light is the "good" god. It is represented by healing, warmth, strength, and light. Light balanced out Death when its immense power threatened the safety of the world.
    • Vessels
      • The Light has also been known to use particular humans as "vessels", as foretold in prophecies from the Featherdancers. Due to these tales, some power-hungry humans began kidnapping children for use in experiments to try to forcibly create a perfect vessel -- and therefore, capture the Light.
      • Only three vessels have been known to exi...
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This is a list of terms and customs found in the World of Emaris series that may differ from the real world, and therefore require further explanation.

  • Names
    • Children adopt the last name of the parent or ancestor they most resemble.
  • Cycles
    • Periods of 100 years. Most people of Emaris only live for a singular Cycle before perishing. Featherdancers and Aurasenses, however, tend to live much longer, and the Cycle members tasked with defeating Death live longer in order to train their successors before finally dying.
  • Chosen
    • The chosen hero of each Cycle. Despite having many Cycle members, only one is sele...
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