• take the time to know them really well before investing your heart.
  • trust is earned. it takes time. if they lie to you and make you doubt their trustworthiness before you've even really started - don't waste your time.
  • sometimes losing someone is a blessing in disguise.
  • know your dealbreakers. stick to them. do not just tolerate anything.
  • if you specifically lay out your boundaries to someone, and they continue to cross those boundaries - they do not care about your feelings.
  • if they have photos or videos of an ex still, walk away. they are not over them. you do not deserve to be a rebound.
  • if they talk about their ex a lot, they still think about them a lot.
  • if they are very protective of their phone, proceed with caution. they are hiding ...
jun 1 2020 ∞
apr 4 2022 +
  • my medicine finally kicking in and feeling way less depressed and anxious and irritable
  • hanging out with brother and walking around town
  • the trees and plants have started to blossom and i can see their blossoms through my window.
apr 26 2022 ∞
jul 9 2022 +
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—————— brows:

  • nyx the brow glue.
  • kvd beauty dimension powder (discontinued).
  • nyx lift and snatch brow tint pen.

—————— eye primer:

  • (for colorful looks) - p.louise base.
  • (for just eyeliner) - nyx ultimate shadow and liner primer.

—————— eyeshadow:

  • too faced natural love palette
  • beautybay pastel palette.

—————— eyeliner:

  • shiseido microliner in brown.
  • colourpop liquid liner in grande.

—————— mascara:_

  • maybelline sky high.
  • covergirl lash blast.
jan 27 2022 ∞
may 23 2022 +
  • if you rely on one person for your happiness, you will feel heartbroken when they are not there anymore.
  • try not to rely on anyone, period - strive for independence. being tied to others seems nice in theory, but things get messy sometimes and it's better for you to have your own things.
  • be a kind person. know your limits, and communicate your needs, but try to be nice.
  • don't be a pushover. if someone crosses you, is rude to you, mistreats you, or is being a jerk - tell them off!
  • the pressure to fit in and be accepted is very strong, it's evolutionary - and it can be lonely to swim against the current - but you'll be happier than following trends you don't believe in.
  • invest in good, practical, comfortable shoes, a good bed, a functional and durable...
jun 1 2020 ∞
apr 6 2022 +


  • super mario world 64
  • super mario 3D world
  • mario kart
  • stardew valley
  • house flipper
  • shining nikki


  • CoD treyarch zombies
  • bioshock triology
  • borderlands triology & spinoff: tt's wonderlands


  • spyro (all of them)
  • minecraft
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may 23 2022 +