BA BAM BA BA BAM! Hello everyone.

I know it was supposed to be anonymous, but I want to read it like this. I am VIXX's maknae, Hyuk.

Two years have past by since I met with STARLIGHTS. I think that these past two years have been full of eternally meaningful events.

The 18 year old me graduated high school and became 20, while experiencing many special things that can only happen once in a lifetime.

When we debuted, because I prepared so little, I was lacking a lot. I have an eternally sorry heart to the fans who supported me, even though there were many times where I was disappointed in my greedy self.

Because my personality is the type that cannot express well, I can't express as much as my heart wants to to fans. Because you worry about me, or take care of me like friends or sometimes like family every time I see you, while also supporting and believing in me; thank you.

I have never said it in person before, but I really wanted to say these words today to STARLIGHTS: your existence is important.

You all might not know, but the letters or message books or similar things that you have given us – I read every one of them. I was frequently jealous of friends' or family members' stories of love ... but thanks to the people who continued to write, despite the fact that I was jealous, I could feel various feelings as I read them in my spare time.

Because when I read the letters, it felt like we were becoming close as people.

I want to give that type of story to all of the people in this very intimate place.

I am Hyuk – who knows that the path to walk is very far, and knows he is still lacking compared to others.

I will become a singer who will continue to endeavour in the future to show a growing image, and to repay our STARLIGHTS with good music on stage.

As the youngest...

Thank you so, so much.

I love you.

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