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  • shortbread is the worst holiday cookie and also generally just not good
  • most comedy isn't funny
  • tomato sauce is not good (and pasta is wildly overrated)
  • Beyonce is just ok
  • papyrus is a more unacceptable font than comic sans
  • Easter has the best seasonal candy and it's not even a competition
  • creamsicles are not good
  • most movies are too long
  • spoilers aren't a big deal and don't impact my enjoyment of the spoiled media
  • most chocolate bars would be better without chocolate (imagine a Mars bar that's just nougat and caramel)
  • pancakes >>>> waffles
  • chicken wings are the worst way to eat chicken
  • being a good driver is sexier than maybe every single physical trait
  • beer does not taste good
  • sweet pickles are an abomination and also anti-Semitic
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