• Electra
    • No summary. Second installment of the 'Blood' series. Luhan/Everyone.
    • No word count. R.
  • feet of clay ♥♥
    • Summary: In the end he gets everything he ever wanted.
    • 4.4k. PG13.
  • In Good Hands
    • Summary: Luhan finally completes the adoption he's been working toward. ft. Kid!seok.
    • 3.3k. PG13.
  • Luhan's Daddy Struggles
    • Summary: Luhan is dense. Sekailu, PWP.
    • 11.1k. NC17.
  • to dust or to gold
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  • #420 #BLAZE IT ♥♥
    • No summary. Prompt: Stoner!Kailu 'accidentally' making out on Kai's cluttered bed.
    • 1.3k. R.
  • 9.8 m/s²
    • Summary: Sehun is trapped in a makeshift wonderland. Luhan keeps on chucking scientific equations out of the window. And Jongin, good old Jongin, oozes sex appeal and tension as comfortably as a teacher might sprout out historical facts to a detached crowd. Or: Misery finds company, but really, what happens after that? +Sehun/Luhan.
    • 12k. PG13.
  • 91 Lanterns
    • Summary: Lu Han is national idol Kris Wu's biggest fan, and Jongin is just in it f...
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  • all things bright and beautiful
    • summary: there are worse things than having to play host to your famous ex-boyfriend and his entourage. yixing just can't think of any off the top of his head. +baekhyun/luna.
    • 18k. pg.
  • the feeling of today
    • summary: a period in his life that he never wants to forget.
    • 5.7k. pg.
  • help me get where i belong
    • summary: when lu han can't sleep, he climbs into yixing's bed.
    • 2k. g.
  • moriphilic ♥♥
    • summary: yixing thinks he knows what deat...
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jul 22 2015 +
  • busted
    • summary: kyungsoo is at this party for one reason and it's not the alcohol.
    • 1.7k. nc17.
  • everything happens for a reason
    • summary: go on blind dates, they said. it will be fun, they said.
    • 5.6k. pg13.
  • (i'm seeing stars and there is nothing m...
    • summary: love is gross, people are grosser, and lu han is the grossest of them all. ft. fem!kai.
    • 27k. nc17.
  • let me know (when we get there)
    • summary: kyungsoo receives a gift he's not so sure he wants.
    • 8.5k. nc17.
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aug 7 2015 +
  • 6.
    • summary: sehun's peeping adventure.
    • no word count. nc17.
  • don't act like it's a bad thing
    • summary: luhan had his eyes set on the daesang . baekhyun had his heart set on a beautiful working relationship with his idol kim taeyeon. +luhan/chen.
    • 30.9k. pg13.
  • in rhapsody
    • summary: the days of near-empty rows of seats at heart attack club & bar are long gone — now aimless own is making headlines.
    • 9k. r.
  • solace
    • summary: when the one that's needed was there without realization.
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sep 17 2015 +
  • but baby it's all wrong
    • summary: minseok's got two crushes at the same time and it makes him feel sort of awful.
    • 5.1k. nc17.
  • excavation
    • summary: minseok gets assigned to homeroom duties after a coworker goes on maternity leave and is forced to spend time with the troublemaker of class 1-d yiyi and her single father lu han. through getting to know yiyi, minseok learns more about lu han and about himself.
    • 38k. nc17.
  • home is where the heart takes wing
    • summary: "what exactly do you want from me?" lu han sounds confused. his breath swells out his cheeks in chipmunk pockets u..._a lot of things_ , minseok doesn't say with his lips, thou...
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sep 16 2015 +
  • always you're mine
    • summary: there's something about every single one of luhan's actions.
    • 1k. r.
  • fair play
    • summary: payback is sweet. and in this case, payback is also a strap-on dick up chanyeol's ass. ft. fem!luhan.
    • 4.4k. nc17.
  • the first six times
    • summary: bros figuring out kissing (it's not a pretty sight).
    • 3.4k. pg13.
  • upside down
    • summary: in which exo-k's van feels unusually quiet, lu han role plays as park chanyeol in a live broadcast, and do kyungso...
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sep 11 2015 +
  • long live the reckless and the brave
    • summary: they raise their champagne glasses in the air to honor the days of recklessness and seeming bravery. +sehun/tao, chanyeol/baekhyun, d.o./kai.
    • 7.9k. pg13.
  • take a hit for the team
    • summary: lu han ages both forward and backward, bearing sacrifice for success.
    • 7.8k. pg13.
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aug 22 2015 +
  • it's all just relativity, baby. ♥♥
    • summary: age does not concede with formalities.
    • 1.4k. pg13.
  • summer heat
    • summary: zitao falls into lu han easily, sticky heat no great barrier.
    • 790w. pg13.
  • 套路
    • summary: it takes three heartbreaks, life lessons and a whole lot of growing up for zitao to head back home. +tao/sehun, baekhyun/tao.
    • 7.9k. pg13.
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jul 24 2015 +
  • (it's just a little) crush
    • summary: joonmyun meets lu han. it isn't anything special, but it's not ordinary, either. it's something more .
    • 2k. pg.
  • the touchline ♥♥
    • summary: lu han is afraid of heights, among other things.
    • 75k. r.
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jul 22 2015 +
  • not to notice.
    • summary: all Yifan ever wanted was for the star soccer player in the university to know who he was and, you know, remember his name and possibly hold hands maybe. that's all.
    • 46k. pg13.
  • these scars remember you ♥♥
    • summary: the only thing harder than surviving the arena is living with the memories of it. +luhan/kai, lay/luhan.
    • 18.2k. nc17.
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  • i mostly read fics about or with luhan in them im sorry lol
  • warning — some of these fics may be locked! just make an account on x site if you haven't already and request to either join the comm or to become a friend of the writer or writers ♥
  • also please remember to heed trigger warnings and ratings; they're there for a reason!! (ngl some fics are p disturbing...)
  • insp for list format from kristioppa
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aug 30 2015 +
  • a huge and cavernous heart
    • summary: pont wilson, place plumereau and a small apartment two floors up from his own become more than lu han could ever have imagined when he said that he wanted to run away to france. chen/luhan.
    • 3.1k. pg13.
    • this fic is so warm ㅠㅠ
    • and the mythology aspect gave it such a magical feeling im in love
  • at the feet of idols
    • summary: the price of fame is higher than he thought.
    • 6.5k. pg13.
    • the group dynamics in this! THE SEHUN IN THIS!!
  • between land and sea
    • summary: an unexpected thunderstorm de-ra...
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sep 17 2015 +
  • rising from the ashes
    • summary: a clash of destinies has kris and chanyeol fighting against everything they have ever come to know — even themselves. kris/chanyeol, luhan/kai.
    • currently ongoing. r.
aug 15 2015 ∞
aug 15 2015 +
  • Behind the Lens
    • Summary: Baekhyun runs soloist Chen's biggest fansite. Just when he starts to realize that his feelings for the singer are bordering inappropriate, he meets someone on the Internet.
    • 15.1k. PG13.
oct 11 2015 ∞
oct 11 2015 +
  • a study in human emotions
    • summary: yifan doesn't know the first thing about kyungsoo; not from what any of his facial expressions mean to how he feels about anything and everything. he's not afraid to admit he's always been curious about what it was like to be kyungsoo, but that doesn't mean he wanted a first hand experience on his everyday life. and it figures it would happen just before comeback.
    • 37k. r.
  • "wo ai ni" is mandarin for "i want to ge...
    • summary: do kyungsoo is looking forward to enjoying his high school life the most he can. the mandarin club and black-framed glasses guy are here to help. +d.o./everyone.
    • 7.6k. pg.
apr 11 2015 ∞
aug 5 2015 +
  • cut to the chase
    • summary: chanyeol doesn't think twice about being in a fake online gay relationship—until his "boyfriend" decides to transfer to his school.
    • 5k. pg13.
  • so close
    • summary: kyungsoo moves to seoul with all sorts of expectations: that hongik university will be the school of his dreams, that he'll figure out what he wants to do with his life, that he'll have his goofy, charming boyfriend by his side — but instead, he finds himself pretending like he doesn't realize his boyfriend isn't actually in love with him, and that his expectations can never match up to the reality. (a remix of "cut to the chase".)
    • no word count. pg.
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jul 19 2015 +
  • d is for dysfunctional
    • summary: "maybe tell him how much you love him after you blow him next time!"
    • 11.1k. nc17.
  • how the west ward was won
    • summary: baekhyun finds many creative ways to end up on a hospital bed in the west ward of st. mungo's hospital, where mediwizard do kyungsoo is always extremely pleased to see him and more than willing to treat all his wounds. +luhan/xiumin.
    • 11.8k. pg13.
aug 30 2015 ∞
sep 19 2015 +
  • to live in ashes
    • summary: "make a wish," he says, and jongin thinks of hot springs and pain killers and raindrops falling on the dry skin of his face.
    • no word count. nc17.
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  • take 5
    • summary: five ways their clandestine midnight date could've played out. chanyeol/tao.
    • 2.6k. nc17.
jul 19 2015 ∞
jul 19 2015 +
  • through the window
    • summary: minseok maybe had too much to drink. and also maybe broke into a stranger's apartment.
    • 3.3k. pg13.
aug 22 2015 ∞
aug 22 2015 +
  • forever hold your peace
    • summary: let's agree to be happy in our individual ways. +baekhyun/ofc.
    • no word count. g.
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jul 22 2015 +
  • fixations
    • summary: fixations are never a good thing where baekhyun is concerned.
    • 2k. nc17.
jun 26 2015 ∞
jul 22 2015 +
  • dare you to move
    • summary: minseok waltzes away from the past and falls to his knees on a misstep. kyungsoo helps him get up and introduces him to a funkier beat.
    • 89.8k. r.
  • simple and sweet ♥♥
    • summary: because things are effortless when it's between them -- simple, to the point. easy.
    • no word count. g.
jun 28 2015 ∞
jul 19 2015 +
  • to share & to love
    • no summary. prompt: "happiness is like a kiss. you must share it to enjoy it." — bernard meltzer.
    • 2k. pg.
jul 19 2015 ∞
jul 19 2015 +
  • i'm gonna be ♥♥
    • summary: baekhyun and zitao hook up across asia.
    • 4.5k. r.
  • the first page of a long book
    • no summary. prompt: first meeting.
    • 750w. pg.
  • we lie awake at night
    • summary: when zitao is sixteen, his father dies and it feels like the end of everything. it's only the beginning. +kris/chanyeol.
    • 47.5k. nc17.
apr 11 2015 ∞
jun 25 2015 +
  • growing pains ♥♥
    • summary: they say senior year of high school is the best time to fall in love. ft. fem!tao.
    • 9.4k. pg.
jun 26 2015 ∞
jun 26 2015 +
  • dive headfirst, or not at all
    • Summary: "Elation and devastation: someone achieves their dream and someone else loses it, all in the same instance. Welcome to the Olympic Games." – London 2012, Diving Men’s 3m Finals // Sitting on the ten-metre platform looking down into the waters below always fills Jongdae with so much melancholy. The 10m was never his niche – it had always been Zitao's.
    • 10.4k. PG13.
  • Retrograde
    • Summary: Tao meets Chen at fifteen and makes the grand mistake of falling in love with him. +Luhan/Xiumin.
    • 58.8k. NC17.
oct 11 2015 ∞
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