• january: moved out of my and my ex's apartment
  • february: got settled into historic kenwood
  • march: met max - the neighborhood cat
  • april: had a wine & painting night w irene and janney, celebrated my birthday w a backyard bbq
  • may: had a birthday party for queequeg & uffie, booked a staycation in dtsp
  • june: saw gabbi for the first time in years, celebrated shane & king's birthday, went skimboarding at the beach
  • july: surprise taylor swift 'folklore' album, new impala quad skates, had a backyard bbq w friends & roommates, celebrated irene's birthday in tampa
  • august: purchased signed 'folklore' album from daddykool records, reunited mellow w his owner, rescued a baby squirrel, visited sawgrass nature preserve w janney
  • september: visited the new pier, dad's birthday dinner @ doc ford's, volunteered @ pasadena vet and laser
  • october: hired at an animal shelter, dressed as 'lime' from 'among us' for halloween, queequeg's surgery went well
  • november: received folklore record and drone in the mail, met luna, donald trump lost the election
  • december: watched taylor swift's "long pond studio' documentary, surprise taylor swift 'evermore' album
dec 31 2020 ∞
jan 5 2021 +